Yellow Wallpaper and Narrator Unreliability Essay

After checking out lots of narratives I have actually decided that “The Yellow Wallpaper” is the best example to illustrate narrator unreliability. There are many reasons that the narrator was unreliable in this story and among them is due to the fact that she lied about the method she was feeling. She would even lie to herself by stating she was improving, however her condition was only becoming worse. Although, this was her other half’s fault due to the fact that he desired the concept of improving to get into her head.

Another reason that needs to be taken into account is that she is informing this story from the first individual and the very first person is always unreliable due to the fact that everyone sees whatever in a different way and they also illustrate the fact differently. She is extremely mentally unsteady and disrupted and the amount of trustworthiness she can offer to the story is extremely restricted.

The reader knew that she was mentally unsteady right from the start of the book when it is stated, “but John says the worst thing I can do is think of my condition.

” (Gilman 78) This is likewise paradoxical since the narrator can only assist but to think of her condition throughout the story. She likewise excluded information for instance, “I have discovered another thing, but I shan’t inform it this time! It does refrain from doing to rely on individuals too much.” (89) This shows that the narrator has actually found something on the wallpaper however picks not to inform the reader since it can not be relied on.

Her condition is only getting worse to the point where she starts seeing a female behind the wallpaper and it offers her excitement and techniques her into thinking that she is getting better. A quote to prove this is, “Life is quite more exciting now than it used to be. You see I have something more to anticipate, to look forward to, to see. I really do consume better, and am more quiet than I was.” (87) This quote goes to show that the storyteller sees a woman behind the wallpaper and feels like she is getting better, but in truth she is just seeing herself caught and becoming worse, therefore making the storyteller undependable.

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