World Of Totalitarianism – 1984

World Of Totalitarianism– 1984

1984 creates a world of totalitarianism in which communism is depicted to its extreme.

It is a world where there is just control. Humanity is the most smart beings on earth and it is within its powers to alter its own surroundings. They hold fantastic power that will constantly develop into a harmful force when left uncontrolled. Deep within the human heart, there lives a sticking around darkness that can swallow the weak victims whole, but kept in control by those of strong-will. Everything that takes place needs to have a reason and here, in the unique, that factor is very clear. It is everything about Power, the lust for Power that drives the ever growing darkness. The quest for control and domination is what holds the unique together.

Free choice is suppressed to such a degree that not just sneaky actions are maltreated however thoughts that do not adhere to the norm too. The Celebration uses coercive and intimidating stimuli to manage the residents independent thoughts.The existence of the telescreen in every citizen s home blasts a series of propaganda that promotes the image of the Celebration. It also monitors behaviors, every movement one makes is closely inspected by the Thought Police. The constraint of free choice binds the mind to every command and saying issued by the Celebration. This is the Party s real function, to cripple the mind so that it is incapable of independent thoughts and is only prone to outdoors ideas. The sole function of the Party is to control individuals.

The social restrictions and control is kept in location by that gnawing fear of the Thought Cops. The mental and physical adjustment that is constantly taking place is what the author wants to communicate to the western society of the threat of communism. The Celebration undermines family structure by feeding kids mottos and propaganda, inducing them to betray their own moms and dads to the Thought Police if they revealed any indication of disloyalty. All of the corporeal penalties ultimately cause room 101, in which lives the supreme fear of its victim.It is here, where the complete power of the Celebration comes crashing down as our main character faces the thing that he fears one of the most. In an instant, his optimistic attributes are removed to expose nothing but a coward who can not withstand his fear, and a traitor who betrays his love. All concluded nicely into a book are all the darkest attributes that a human can have.

The themes portray a world of absolute control, where ° War is Peace, Liberty is Slavery, Lack Of Knowledge is Strength ±. The mottos of the Party integrate doublethink, contradicting itself.There might only be one method to translate the message and this interpretation is to promote the Party image. War will join the residents, creating unity, freedom and self-reliance of one male by himself will undoubtedly result in failure and lack of knowledge of this doublethink will offer the citizens the strength to reside on. The unique programs us the dark quality that is within people and the good side that has plenty of optimism and enthusiasm however in the end, it all matters not. In the end, just Power and control are all that matters.

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