Why did Romeo and Juliet Die?

Why did Romeo and Juliet Pass Away?

“Romeo and Juliet” is a catastrophe about 2 ‘star-crossed fan’ ending their lives for each other’s enthusiasm and love. Their deaths were triggered by numerous factors such as their destined fate to pass away, unfortunate happenings and bad luck and their abrupt adolescent enthusiasm. These aspects are the factors of terrible minutes of this Shakespearean play. First of all, the stars predicted the 2 fans’ deaths. Astrology played an important aspect in the play since many people throughout that period, believe in it, a research study of the stars and worlds, which, they believed, affected individuals’s lives.

The unfortunate Romeo and Juliet are called ‘star-crossed lovers.’ Due to the fact that the stars were in a specific unfavourable position, they were predestined to die. Deaths are anticipated throughout the play by both characters. For instance, Romeo referred his death with the stars; “. I fear, too early; for my mind misgives. Some effect, yet hanging in the stars.” Juliet’s vision of finding Romeo dead in a tomb, “. methinks I see thee now thou art so low, as one dead in the bottom of a tomb.” Their lives are managed by stars, and not on their own.

For that reason, Romeo and Juliet’s deaths were forecasted to occur and the foretelling of stars predestines it to. The death of Romeo and Juliet was caused by unexpected mishaps. The first example is the unintentional conference of Peter. Peter is a servant of the Capulet’s household, he was given a list of invitations to the designated receivers; regrettably he can not read so seeks for Romeo’s suggestions. From this, Romeo and Benvolio discovered the banquet and this provided the chance for Romeo and Juliet to meet.

They fell in love at first sight; a strong bonding between them caused their deaths. The conference of the young enthusiasts was misfortunate since it presented all the passion and the disaster later. The non-delivery of Friar Lawrence’s letter caused great effects, Romeo thought Juliet’s mocked death, which provided him great pain and drank poison. When Juliet discovers her dead husband; decided she can not live anymore without him, she stabs herself with a dagger. Meructio’s death was caused by Romeo, accidentally obstructing the latter’s view which enables Tybalt to eliminate him.

Romeo eliminated Tybalt for revenge and this led to his banishment from Verona walls. The two lovers ended their life due to the fact that of misfortune and cursed luck. Romeo and Juliet’s love for each other was too unexpected and rash. Juliet recognizes this unexpected rush in her speech: “. It is too rash, too unadvised, too abrupt, too like the lightning, which doth cease to be.” Nevertheless, she right away changes her mind and prepares to wed Romeo, the next day. They’re enthusiasm for each other is too rapid, how can they make sure it is true love?

Possibly, their death is not worth it, they might be too young to comprehend the term: real love and passion. Friar Lawrence thinks Romeo’s sudden modification of ideas from Rosaline to Juliet is too quick. “So quickly abandoned? Young men’s love then lies. Not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes.” Friar disagrees with Romeo’s sincere love and wants him to think thoroughly prior to deciding. Juliet reveals rush in her speech while waiting on her nurse to bring her news of Romeo’s ideas to their marriage.

She appears extremely excited and eagerly waits for her wedding night. Their teen passion may have caused the deaths of Romeo and Juliet, due to the fact that of their unexpected intent to devote suicide. Romeo instantly brought toxin when he heard Juliet’s mocked death, he should have asked Balthasar to investigate more and asked Friar. Rather, he kills himself since of teen enthusiasm and Juliet craves him in return. Lastly, Romeo and Juliet passed away because their deaths were figured out by fate and the forecast from the stars.

Numerous unanticipated occasions caused fantastic repercussions, which included Romeo’s confusion to Friar’s plot, which led to his hurried death. Suddenness of adolescent passion may not be intentional. For that reason, Romeo and Juliet’s haste in their marriage may have cause their deaths since they were deeply in love and absolutely nothing will keep them apart. The lives of Romeo and Juliet have experience many components, which impacted their relationship and the resistance to stay together. Regrettably, their lives ended with a statement that can not be compromised throughout the play’s atmosphere-‘their love for each other. ‘

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