What: of Mice and Men and Impersonal Natural Laws

What: of Mice and Guy and Impersonal Natural Laws

!.?.!? Of Mice and Male Naturalism The struggle against forces beyond human control: Lennie could not control that he had special needs. So him nor George might help it. In the end, he simply got afraid which’s why he had eliminated Curley’s better half. “I attempted, Auntie Clara, ma’am. I tried and attempted. I couldn’t help it”( 97 ). He was explaining how he could not assist that he broke everything that he pet. Since, he was too strong for what he might handle and he was simply born with unique needs which is a force beyond his control.

People’ lives and characters governed and identified by impersonal natural laws and forces, such as social conditions and the environment: Practically all of the characters lives were determined by environment and social conditions of the Great Anxiety. It caused the majority of them to be typically looking for a task and didn’t have a lot of money. Also, Lennie and George had their lives alter because of a social condition/law. Lennie states, “Jus’ wished to feel that female’s dress-jus’ like it was a mouse”( 11 ). And after that the female accused him of rape. Which led Lennie and George to leave Weed, which altered their lives forever.

Nature being indifferent to human battle or society as insensitive to unique needs. Efforts at exercising free choice or option are hamstrung by forces beyond their control: Lennie could not control that he had special needs. Nature just offered it to him. “I do not want ta hurt ya”( 87 ). This reveals that Lennie actually didn’t wish to, he was simply to huge and strong. Later on society was insensitive to him (even with his unique requirements). This reveals when Curley got everybody together to go and try to kill Lennie. So in all society didn’t except Lennie even at the start. Humans as animal-like; instinctive:

Throughout the unique there was numerous comparisons of characters as animals. This primarily just occurs when describing Lennie, because he is so big. “… and he strolled greatly, dragging his feet a little, the method a bear drags it’s paws”( 2 ). That explains Lennie as a bear due to the fact that of how he was strolling which not only showed naturalism, but was truly putting a picture in the reader’s head of how he was strolling too. “Slowly, like a terrier who does not want to bring a ball to its master, Lennie approached, drew back, approached again”( 8 ). The job of caring for Lennie has actually fallen to George, who like a pet dog’s “master”, need to see Lennie every moment.

Death is natural; survival of the fittest: Survival of the fittest is absolutely represented in this book. Curley’s other half was certainly weaker than Lennie, so Lennie could eliminate her because of how strong he was. However later, Lennie passed away due to the fact that of what he had done to her and he was weaker in the brain, which wound up eliminating him in the end. Because George didn’t think he could keep going to new locations with Lennie since he would keep getting in difficulty. At the end of the book Slim understands why George would need to kill Lennie. “You hadda George, I swear you hadda”( 102 ). w

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