Violence in Romeo and Juliet

Violence in Romeo and Juliet

Violence is a very effective and demanding behavior shown throughout this play by many of the characters. Violence also plays a really crucial role in The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. Without violence, Romeo would not have slain Tybalt and been eliminated from Verona hence causing all of issues between him and Juliet. Violence can likewise be very difficult to a person. It can trigger them to have lots of problems with life, love and other personal things.

Violence can have lasting effects on somebody that can lead them into devoting dumb and worthless acts such as eliminating themselves or other people. Although there are numerous scenes where violence takes place the main one would most likely need to be the scene where Romeo slew Tybalt. This scene had a significant influence on the lives of Romeo and Juliet. This act of violence got Romeo gotten rid of from Verona and his wedding with Juliet canceled. This can be played out through using your words to harm someone’s feelings.

Insulting someone is a fine example of this kind of violence. In Romeo and Juliet, individuals get insulated many amounts of times from disrespectful gestures and words. The main type of violence in Romeo and Juliet is physical violence. But there are also many scenes where psychological abuse takes place. For instance, in Act 1, scene,1, lines 41 through 49, Sampson and Gregory are insulting Abram. “I will frown as I go by, and let them take it as they note. [He bites his thumb.] Do you bite your thumb at us, sir? I do bite my thumb, sir.

Do you bite your thumb at us, sir? Is the law of our side if I state “Ay”?” This simple yet impolite gesture caused an argument, and then a fight. Prejudice could have likewise result in all the many acts of violence displayed in the play when the feuding families, the Montague’s and Capulet’s battle. In each case, disruption, battling, injuries and death occur. Likewise, the prejudice against the 2 households never got solved due to the fact that they were opponents. The bias began in Act one Scene one, when the Capulet’s and Montague servants confronted each other.

The Capulet servants insulted the Montague servants which lead to a street brawl between the 2 households. Furthermore in Act 3 Scene one, the prejudice in between the families worsened because Tybalt wanted vengeance against the Montague so he began a battle with Tybalt and eliminated him. After the fight with Mercutio, Romeo and Tybalt fought and Tybalt lost. A few fine examples of violence through out this play It is really obvious that Romeo and Juliet has a theme of violence that is shown all throughout the beginning, middle and end of the play.

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