Verbal Visual of Mice and Men Essay

Verbal Visual of Mice and Male Essay

Spoken/ Visual Essay Jordy Thiessen Block C Oct. 3, 2010 Because everyone has a different perspective, there must be an equal quantity of people ready to see the world from each others eyes. In Steinback’s Of Mice and Guy, there a 5 really various however similarly significant views of the lives of the characters. These themes include: the loneliness each one feels or does not feel, the injustice by Curley’s other half, the social duty of George needing to look after his friend, the hopes of the two main characters, along with the innocence of the mild huge everyone calls Lennie.

The quote picked to depict solitude in the novella is intended to reveal that as long as somebody exists with you, whatever will be okay. Some might state that they can handle being alone, however that would be defying humanity. Everyone, no matter how old, huge or small, or no matter the colour of their skin, is always in need of reassurance from another human. The reality that George having Lennie and vice versa reveals that although they continuously are disagreeing or getting on each others nerves, they have one another to depend on.

The oppression demonstrated is quite shocking but at the exact same time, not a lot. Although it was customary however not required to victimize the African-American individuals back in the 1920’s, Curley’s spouse takes it to an entire other extreme. Her mindset and neglect of Crooks’ ego and feelings is so uncalled for, she literally eliminates his self-esteem with her words. Although Crooks is getting straight abused, there are recurring impacts on everybody who belongs of this social injustice. Throughout the novella, George is being viewed as the chosen caretaker of Lennie Smalls.

For whatever factor he is taking care of him, he is now responsible for the goodness and wellness of him, no matter what. Despite the fact that Lennie can become quite a handful often, as Curley found out, George perseveres with all his will to make sure Lennie makes it through every day. The talk of dreams is a consistent throughout the whole book. George and Lennie residing in their own little world, with the farm and rabbits, is often a great way to leave from reality for a short moment to reminisce in what might be.

The use of little colour for the bunnies and farm is to demonstrate the possibility of the dream coming to life in the end. The innocence of a few of the characters throughout the novella, or obvious innocence, is rather apparent. With Lennie having the brain capability of a four-year-old and not being able to believe for himself, and Curley’s wife being the ‘rather’ innocent character who is simply lonesome and wants someone to talk to, it is genuinely revealed that the innocence that lives in the soul does not constantly appear to be so by others. Suggesting that people do not constantly interpret the actions of some to be as they are planned.

In brief, the world needs to understand that everybody has a different view on life, and everyone requires to respect the views individuals select. Loneliness, oppression, social obligation, hope, and innocence are the 5 main styles of Steinback’s Of Mice and Men. The usage and repeating of these styles is what makes the novella such a popular read, a classic. “We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Just through love and relationship can we create the impression for the minute that we’re not alone.” -Orson Welles, actor, director, producer, author. (’15-’85)

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