To Kill A Mockingbird: The Character Analysis Of Harper Lee Novel

While many people in society strive to have ethical qualities, not everybody understands what characteristics are essential in attaining this objective. Frequently, individuals try to model themselves after another’s example. In the unique, To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, Atticus Finch is a single daddy who deals with his 2 kids, Jem and Scout, in the town of Maycomb, Alabama. His young children constantly discover themselves attempting to keep occupied during the years that pass. One summertime, Atticus, who is an attorney, discovers himself in the middle of a questionable case, involving a black man, Tom Robinson, and a white lady. Scout and Jem observe how Atticus reacts to the modifications the case gives their town that makes the kids wish to follow in his steps. In To Eliminate a Mockingbird, Atticus is a fixed character who is continually understanding, just, and truthful.

Someone can not genuinely call themselves a worthy person if they are not able to understand others. Atticus is a character who shows noble throughout the story, leading many to respect him. Since of Atticus’ nobility, Jem and Scout are much better able to understand the improvements in the neighborhood with unbiased eyes. “‘You never ever really understand an individual up until you think about things from his point of view'” (Lee 30). Atticus offers this suggestions to Hunt after she has a terrible first day of school; Scout is not keen on her brand-new instructor and is therefore declining to return. Atticus, who is calm and gathered, tells Scout that maybe her teacher did not have an excellent day either, which Scout needs to put herself in Miss Caroline’s shoes before making any rash choices. In circumstances like these, it is sometimes much easier to learn just one side of the story, but Atticus decides to take a larger point of view. His ability to step back from scenarios and consider all angles of it shows how sensible Atticus can genuinely be. Furthermore, Atticus shows his discernment when a mad canine participates in the community. “Mr. Tate practically threw the rifle at Atticus” (Lee 95). The canine is approaching when Mr. Tate, the constable, asks Atticus to shoot it for him. Atticus hesitates but, rather of refusing, he swallows his pride and eliminates the pet for the security of his family and friends. He recognizes that through slaying this dog, he will be keeping everyone out of damage’s way.Whether it is encouraging Scout to return to school or shooting a wild pet, Atticus keeps his strong sense of insightfulness and understanding throughout the novel.

A male who is just is stated to be assisted by truth, reasoning, and sprite. All of these traits apply to Atticus, particularly during the time of Tom Robinson’s trial. “‘But there is one method this country in which all guys are created equivalent … That organization, gentlemen, is a court'” (Lee 205). During his closing argument, Atticus advises the court of how the Judicial System is expected to work: all guys, whether they are smart, dim-witted, legendary, or black, deserve to a reasonable trial. Atticus is highly mindful that the court is not best, but all he asks of the jury is that Tom Robinson might have a reasonable trial. Without a reasonable trial, no precise resolution can be reached. Atticus reveals his fairness when he deals with the jury about why he believes Mayella is informing the story the method she is. “‘She has actually dedicated no criminal activity, she has simply broken a rigid and time-honored code of our society, a code so severe that whoever breaks it is pestered from our midst as unsuited to cope with'” (Lee 203). Atticus’ understanding pierces through the façade of Mayella’s story and recognizes the factor behind Mayella’s methods. He has reason to think that her dad beat her, and this is the factor she implicates Tom of rape. Nevertheless, in spite of understanding this, Atticus does not believe it is fair to penalize Mayella– she was doing what she had to do to save herself. Mayella is just a victim and Atticus does not think it is simply to censure her for this. Atticus shows that he is simply in To Kill a Mockingbird by attempting to live his life truthfully, fairly, and relatively.

Atticus’ candidness throughout the story is what keeps the surrounding characters grounded and linked to reality. “… why didn’t Atticus simply state yes, you’ll go complimentary, and leave it at that– looked like that ‘d be a big convenience to Tom” (Lee 254). As an attorney, it is Atticus’ task to defend his customer, but he also must be sincere with him. Miss Rachel’s cook did not comprehend why Atticus did not tell Tom they would win Tom’s case, however Atticus did not want to make a pledge that he might not keep. Atticus was the only male Tom might truly rely on. If Atticus made him a promise he might not support, it would not only break the trust in between the pair, but likewise Tom’s hope in becoming a free male. “‘I told him what I thought, but I couldn’t in fact state that we had more than a good chance'” (Lee 235). Atticus has actually just been genuine with Tom Robinson and does not sugar-coat anything for his customer. He understands that throughout this stressful time, lies will only make the scenario even worse. Without the outlook of truth, the lack of knowledge that would definitely ensue would just result in insanity. Atticus’ genuineness is what leads others to trust and regard him in To Eliminate a Mockingbird.

In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, Atticus is an important character who assists readers comprehend how to look through straight eyes. This is apparent when Atticus has the children become more understanding of the world around them. He is a guy who does not see incorrect were it does not exist. He is sincere, causing readers to not just trust what he states, but likewise trust his actions and suggestions. To be a great person, a male should have decent characteristics even when others disapprove of them. Atticus Finch proves that even legal representatives, can establish themselves to be upright and good people.

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