To Kill a Mockingbird Racial Differences Essay

To Kill a Mockingbird Racial Distinctions Essay

In To Eliminate A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the primary themes of racism and social inequality are triggered by cultural differences. The book shows the battles related to the cultural differences in Maycomb, Alabama during the 1940s. The cultural differences are based upon the social classes and hierarchy in Maycomb. At the top of the hierarchy are the relatively rich Finches, with routine townspeople below them. Then there are farmers like the Cunninghams, and after that the poor white people like Ewells and lastly the blacks.

Examples of cultural distinctions, which trigger problems for the occupants of Maycomb, originated from practically every character. Cultural distinctions today are exceptionally different from those 70 years earlier. Bigotry is not as common and social inequality is practically nonexistent. The first instance of social inequality begins Scout’s very first day of school. When Walter Cunningham denies Miss Caroline when she provides him a quarter for lunch, Scout needs to describe that Cunninghams never ever take what they can’t pay back. Likewise a really filthy Burris Ewell curses at Miss Caroline.

This reflects the social hierarchy of Maycomb by demonstrating how the Cunninghams and the Ewells poorest white people in the county. Another example of social inequality is Dolphus Raymond’s problems. The inhabitants of Maycomb see Dolphus as an outcast since he wed a black female. Weding someone of a different race was extremely uncommon at the time. The most significant example of bigotry and social inequality was Tom Robinson’s trial. Bob Ewell blames Tom Robinson for the “rape” of his child because it would be the most credible story if a black man did it.

In the court house there is a different terrace for black individuals. Tom Robinson was likewise convicted guilty even after Atticus gives the jury uncontestable proof showing otherwise. This is the nadir of racism in the county and shows how the county feels towards blacks. Cultural difference not only cause dispute in between blacks and whites however likewise between white people themselves. Atticus and the rest of Maycomb County are at chances because he protects Tom Robinson while everybody else feels that Tom is guilty. This causes many problems for him and his family too.

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