To Kill a Mockingbird Newspaper Article

To Kill a Mockingbird News Article

The Maycomb Tribune Disastrous Fire Devours Home In the early hours of the morning of Saturday 14th December, the house of Miss Maudie Atkinson, 48, ignited. By around 1:15 am, the whole town was filing out of their house to see what was going on and see in wonder as flames devoured their well-liked neighbours’ home. ‘At the front door, I saw fire gushing from Miss Maudie’s dining room window. It appeared like a pumpkin.’ Said Jean Louise ‘Scout’ Finch, 7. Fortunately for Miss Atkinson, the guys of the town were only to grateful to assist. The males of Maycomb, in all degrees of dress and undress, took furniture from Miss Maudie’s home. ‘It was terrible, just terrible, I’m so pleased I can help bad Miss Maudie after such an ordeal.’ Said Miss Stephanie Crawford, 63, who Miss Maudie is dealing with until her home is reconstructed. After watching the fire for what seemed a very long time, people began growing curious of why absolutely nothing was being done to put the fire out. They soon saw why. ‘The old fire truck, killed by the cold, was being pushed from town by a crowd of men. However the trouble didn’t stop there as once the fire truck got to the fire and ‘the males attached it’s tube to the hydrant, the hose burst and water soared, tinkling down onto the pavement. By 2:00 am, the fire was well into the 2nd floor. In a last effort to salvage something flaming wreck that was as soon as Miss Maudie’s home, Mr Dick Avery started climbing up through the window, despite the weeps of concerned neighbours like ‘Come down from there Penis!’ ‘The stairs are going!’ and ‘Get outta there, Mr Avery!’ If only Mr Avery had actually listened to these weeps, maybe the events to come would have been avoided.

Mr Avery was wedged tightly in the window frame. The viewers could barely view until Jeremy ‘Jem’ Finch, 12, yelled ‘He’s got loose! He’s alright!’ Mr Avery thoroughly crossed the upstairs porch, swung his legs over the railing and was sliding down a pillar when he slipped. He fell, shouted and landed in a heap in Miss Maudie’s shrubbery. The fire had now started to spread. Smoke was rolling off your houses like fog off a riverbank and males were pulling pipes towards them. Miss Maudie’s tin roof stopped with flames.

Roaring, the house collapsed; fire gushed all over, followed by a flurry of blankets from men on top of the adjacent houses, beating out triggers and burning portions of wood. It was dawn prior to males began to leave, first one by one, then in groups after returning the fire engine to the town station. Luckily there were no significant injuries. Mad Pooch Shot Tim was the property of Harry Johnson. Tim was a liver-coloured bird dog, the animal of Maycomb. On the 13th of February, he was spotted walking unpredictably as if his right legs were shorter than his left by Jean Louise ‘Scout’ and Jeremy ‘Jem’ Finch.

As soon as they spotted him, they ran back to their house and alerted there coloured nurse, Calpurnia. She took one take a look at the wild canine and called Atticus Finch, who operates at the local lawyer. As soon as she had put the phone down, she signaled the entire town. ‘I had some difficulty. No one thought that there were a mad pet dog. After all, it is February and who’s become aware of a mad canine in February?’ stated Calpurnia. Mr Finch and Sherriff Heck Tate got here as Tim Johnson entered into sight, strolling dazedly in the inner rim of the curve parallel to the Radley House.

He was strolling at snail speed: he appeared dedicated and encouraged by an undetectable force that was inching him towards the awaiting constable. He was shivering like a horse shedding flies; his jaw opened and shut; he was alist, but he was being pulled towards the gun. Tim Johnson reached the Radley location and what stayed of his poor mind made him attempt to turn around but he was having difficulty. He comprised what was left of his mind and pursued another course. He made 2 steps forward, then stopped and raised his head. His body went stiff. The rifle split. Tim jumped, tumbled over and landed on the pathway in a brown and white stack. RIP.

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