To Kill a Mockingbird – Character Notes

To Kill a Mockingbird– Character Notes

Mrs Dubose: Pg. 119? physical description Primarily in chapter 11 Jem and Scout pass her house and she stirs them up about Atticus protecting Tom Robinson. Jem ruins every camellia in her garden, and after that both are required to read to her. Morphine addict. Independent, strong willed, bold, old made, lonely, peevish, contrary, prejudice Assists Jem and Scout to discover real nerve, pg. 124 Gained self-discipline? essential Fear and lack of knowledge driven individuals to misconstrue Mrs. Dubose Mayella Ewell: Pg. 197? physical description Fragile, confused, nervous, unintelligent

Attended the court case, was raped by her papa, case was blamed on Tom Robinson. Pg. 190– 199 quotes on and about. Auntie Alexandra: Pg. 141? physical description Harsh, old made, bossy, old, opinionated, sincere, over powering, protective, strict She wanted to alter Scout into a ‘proper woman’, identified to make a much better difference than Calpurnia. Created more problems than solutions. Didn’t have respect for Calpurnia. Pg. 145, 140? quotes from Aunt Alexandra Chapter 12? Calpurnia took scout and jem to black church Chapter 24? Aunt Alexandra has tea party.

Bigotry is displayed Calpurnia: Pg. 6? physical description Secret role is to give assistance to Scout and Jem, reveals them the black neighborhood Strong willed, authoritive, responsible, sensible, caring, understanding, clever, kind, protective Been with them ever since Jem was born, pg. 6 Pg. 32, 139, 138, Heck Tate: Constable of Maycomb County Pg. 104? Physical description Over powering, high, thin, rich, Chapter 10, mad pet dog shooting Needs to arrest Tom, is associated with the lawsuit, Heck Tate defends Jem and Boo from being implicated of Bob Ewell’s death Pg. 300– 304, prices estimate from Heck Tate

Bob Ewell: Pg. 147? physical description Involved in the trial against Tom Robinson, rapes his child, attacks Jem and Scout Arrogant man, human garbage, disgrace, spends welfare money on alcohol, children go starving, obnoxious, wicked, violent, abusive, filthy, impolite, Pg. 189– 192, quotes from court case Pg. 296– 303, quotes from the attack Miss Rachel: Finch’s next door next-door neighbor Buddies with Aunt Alexandra, frequently has tea at the Finch’s home, assists scout to comprehend that Boo Radley is a good individual, Young, ladylike, mature, Dill’s aunty, Pg. 56, 220, 143, Scout Finch:

Tomboy, always begins fights, rosy cheeks, short black hair, dark brown eyes Independent, bold, humorous, curious, stubborn, aggressive, short tempered Story is informed by her point of view Scout saved Tom from being lynched Atticus Finch: Legal representative, wise man, highly respected, daddy, widower, dry sense of humour, sense of ethically, among the few people who thinks in equality, compassionate, determined, generous, accepting, strong, caring, brave, modest, calm, polite, affectionate The something that does not follow ‘majority guideline’ is a guy’s conscience.

Jem Finch: Pg. 227? four type of people in the world, Pg. 240? why they ^ can’t get along Pg. 13? speaking to Dill Four years older than scout, grows throughout the unique, ends up being more effected by occasions due to the fact that of a much deeper understanding, phases in and out of wishing to hang out with Scout, tries hard to protect scout although they battle. Adventurous, imaginative, courageous, caring, loving, righteous, devoted, charismatic, protective, Tall, skinny, dark haired, brown eyes, attempts to keep his cool, immature.

Miss Maudie: Exact same age as Aunt Alexandra, glasses, brown hair, seen as an elderly figure, invests a great deal of time in the garden Home burns down, Miss Maudie refuses to go to the trial because she believes they resemble a ‘Roman Carnival’, excellent cake maker, supports Atticus’ ideas. Appreciated, strong willed, friendly, helpful, sharp-tongued, loyal, widowed, brave, idol of Scout Pg. 47? description

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