To Kill a Mockingbird Character Analysis Essay

To Kill a Mockingbird Character Analysis Essay

Essay Prompt: In a 1-2 page character analysis, discuss what makes Atticus such a good moms and dad, using quotes and evidence from the text to back up your claims. One Of The Most Memorial Moms and dad In 2003, the American Movie Institute chose Atticus Finch, a considerate, self-respect attorney from To Eliminate a Mockingbird, as the greatest hero in 100 years of movie history. Harper Lee published To Eliminate a Mockingbird in the 1960s and it instantly got substantial honors from readers throughout the world.

In the unique, Lee developed Atticus Finch, the ideal parent of Jem and Scout, who gets much respect from his children and Maycomb residents through series of events the household encounters in the novel. Throughout To Eliminate a Mockingbird, Atticus exhibits the very best qualities of a role model for great parenting. To be a great moms and dad, one requires very first to obtain regard from others, specifically one’s children, and Atticus achieves the job perfectly. When he discovers Jem and his company, Scout and Dill, attempt to leave a note for Boo Radley by a side window, he highly recommends them to “stop tormenting that guy” (page 49).

Atticus believes that humans ought to not judge others by taking a look at their physical appearance or habits. Individuals always have factors for what they do, yet sometimes their actions may be peculiar to most of the society. In To Eliminate a Mockingbird, Boo never exposes himself to the outdoors world; for that reason, he struggles with rumors spreading out amongst Maycomb residents. Even Jem and Scout, whom he ceaselessly protects and cares for, misbelieve that he is a pesky beast. Nevertheless, since Atticus has the ability to see beyond the obvious, he comprehends Boo and he desires Jem to understand and appreciate Boo too.

As an eager moms and dad, Atticus Finch actually knows how to obtain surrounding events to teach lessons about respect to his kids. As soon as, Jem and Scout invite Walter Cunningham to have lunch at their home. When Walter puts molasses all over his food and” [ducks] his head” to consume instead of utilizing knife and fork, Scout exclaims that his behavior is unusual. Instantly, Atticus” [shakes] his head at [her] disapprovingly and lets Calpurnia lecture her (page 24). By letting Calpurnia advise Scout, Atticus informs Scout to regard and follow ot only him, but also every other family member, although she might not like them similarly. Atticus shows real regard to Calpurnia due to the fact that she cooks food for his household, protects his children while he is at work, and takes care of them as if they are her own children. Through events in Maycomb, Atticus teaches Jem and Scout to show respect to everybody, despite their looks or odd habits. Besides regard, Atticus highlights nerve as an essential element to grow up in his parenting profession. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus was welcomed to Mrs.

Dubose’s home only to acknowledge that she has passed away, devoid of morphine addiction “as the mountain air” (page 111). He gets home, bringing the present of Mrs. Dubose for Jem and a message of him. As Jem opens the gift, Atticus informs him with the new definition of guts: “nerve is [not] a man with a gun in his hand … and you see it through no matter what” (page 112). Mrs. Dubose’s present, a white, ideal camellia embodies hope and bravery. When Jem loses his head and beheads every single blossom in Mrs.

Dubose’s garden, the camellias still aim powerfully to grow and produce such incredible creature, much like Mrs. Dubose trying and wishing to cleanse her addiction. Despite The Fact That Mrs. Dubose and Atticus oppose their ideas and beliefs, they all represent genuine guts: Mrs. Dubose by partitioning her addiction triumphantly, and Atticus by defending Tom Robinson. Later on in the novel, Jem and Scout themselves perceive guts in Atticus when he is trying to acquit Tom Robinson. He takes the case whatsoever; albeit the very little to zero opportunity he will win.

By being a terrific epitome of a bold male for his children, Atticus further shows his value of excellent moms and dad. In a nutshell, moms and dad plays a significant part in forming his children. Kids may be influenced from outer world, but moms and dad is eventually accountable for describing and leading them to his beliefs. An excellent parent not only requires to like the children dearly, however likewise needs to produce a disciplined environment for the children, for it is freedom and success. After all, Atticus Finch in To Eliminate a Mockingbird really deserves the gold medal for being the best hero along with the very best moms and dad in American history.

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