To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus Finch Monologue (Fictional)

To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus Finch Monologue (Imaginary)

Attic’s taking a seat, Alexandra sitting to his left. Well sister, I assume you heard of Tom’s death. We informed Helen previously, and It was terrible Alexandra, she Just … Collapsed, I can only Envision what that poor lady Is going through, not to mention the kids. What if that was me Alexandra, what if? For one, Scout and Gem wouldn’t be tucked up inside … Safely distanced from the intolerance and cruelties of this society. (Time out) Attic’s stands. By the way Alexandra, I need to thank you for your assist with the kids.

After all, hi’re the next generation of Finch’s, and who better to teach them the traditions of this household than yourself. Scout is young and Impressionable and she does not comprehend why a great deal of things occur, why Negroes are oppressed, why she would be teased for being clever, While Gem on the other hand Is growing In maturity and cares dearly for Scout, although he may not show It … Yet he finds it tough to accept numerous things; that Tom Robinson was convicted, that Boo Raddled is reclusive by choice. I have always attempted to instill strong moral worths and propriety in Scout and

Gem, but I can only teach them so much … Eventually they will grow tired of listening to me and look towards another person for assistance, someone like you. It’s tough to discuss to them that prejudice exists … That most folk think only of themselves and I Simply hope the previous couple of weeks have been a duration of learning for both of them. Something still troubles me Alexandra, this town may be starting to forget Tom’s trial, however I am definitely not. You understand I attempt never to complain, but what happened Because courtroom Just …

Just doesn’t appear right to me. Tom was more than a good man … He was a gentleman, and while we might never ever find out why he ran, we most definitely do know why he was convicted, despite his utter Innocence. Now I realism we don’t see eye to eye about everything … But definitely you must be irritated in some method about what took place to Tom and his household. I do not know what you think in, however something you must … Is Justice, and can tell you now, sister … What was seen because courtroom was nothing from another location close to Justice …

And yes, I realism Tom didn’t have n totally ideal criminal record, but when has anyone ever believed a word from the mouth of a Lowell? It remains in the past now though, what’s done is done, but I Simply hope that someone who saw that trial decided to take a walk in Tom’s shoes … And realized how incorrect all of us were. To Kill a Mockingbird Attic’s Finch monologue (Imaginary) By Ben-Shannon Well sister, I presume you become aware of Tom’s death. We told Helen earlier, and it was horrible Alexandra, she Simply … Collapsed, I can only picture what that bad woman is this household than yourself.

Scout is young and impressionable and she does not be teased for being clever. While Gem on the other hand is growing in maturity and cares dearly for Scout, although he might disappoint it … Yet he discovers it tough to accept however I am certainly not. You know I try never to grumble, however what happened because courtroom Just … Just doesn’t seem right to me. Tom was more than a decent man … Do understand why he was founded guilty, regardless of his utter innocence. Now I realism we don’t you should … Is Justice, and I can inform you now, sister … What was witnessed in that

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