This essay is a comparison between the books Animal FArm and Lord of the Flies.

This essay is a contrast between the books Animal FArm and Lord of the Flies.Book Essay:

Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies In 1887 Lord Acton composed in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, “Power tends to corrupt, and outright power damages absolutely.” It has actually often been noted that this is the main theme in both Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies. In addition, these books share two sub-themes related to this main style. One sub-theme is that individuals will typically abuse power when it’s not made. The other is that when provided the opportunity people will often degrade others to ensure their own security.

Both books rely heavily on significance, along with the actions of their characters, to reveal these concepts. Subsequently, both these novels show us what a frightening location the world can become if people overlook the concepts of civilization as we understand it. In both books, for various factors, the characters produce their own federal governments, and some of them quickly start to take over and abuse power. For example, in Animal Farm 7 rules were composed on the wall, a few of them were: “No animal shall oversleep a bed, No animal shall kill another animal, No animal will drink alcohol. When among the pigs, named Napoleon, took over he slowly changed the commandments. For example, he changed the rule “No animal shall kill another animal.” to, “No animal shall kill another animal without cause.” In Lord of the Flies there are several examples of characters abusing power. One of the characters, named Ralph, had originally started a democratic type of federal government. 2 of the kids, Roger and Jack, eventually started there own kind of federal government and took over. Jack fell in love with his new discovered power and became dictator to the boys.

He even started a hunt to kill Ralph just because he felt Ralph was a hazard to this power. Because numerous of the characters in both books were insecure, they would often break down others to enhance their own security. This occurred in Animal Farm a number of times. For instance, there were two characters who always appeared to disagree (Snowball and Napoleon). Whatever one stated the other would put it down or find something incorrect with it, even if he in fact concurred. Napoleon even urinated on Snowball’s plans for a windmill and ruined them.

In Lord of the Flies there are several examples of insecure characters downing others to improve their own security. For instance, Roger, Jack, and even Ralph tease among the other kids they call “Piggy” due to the fact that he is obese. Roger is so insecure he even eliminates Piggy due to the fact that Piggy makes him feel threatened by contradicting his concepts and presenting his own concepts that were sometimes better than Rogers. These books are both surprisingly written and comparable in a number of ways, however there is one significant difference. The 2 books end with totally various views of civilization.

Animal Farm ends with the animals not being able to tell the people and the pigs apart, revealing that evil had actually won. Nevertheless, in Lord of the Flies, Ralph recognizes when he sees the pig’s head (which is utilized to represent evil) in its beautiful state, that even in all this savagery and evil some good may happen. Right after he recognized this, a ship pulled up and rescued the kids. The styles of both books are true to the dark side of humanity. Golding holds out a tiny thread of hope; Orwell lets us see the bad things that might take place and leaves us to figure out how to prevent them.

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