Theme Of “The Lottery” By Shirley Jackson Essay

“The Lottery” Shirley Jackson utilizes numerous literary aspects to show why authority must be questioned and not considered granite throughout the short story “The Lottery.” Jackson uses the litearay components irony, color, and point of view throughout the short story to demonstrate how authority must be questioned.

Paradox is utilized throughout the narrative to show why authority should be questioned. On page 63, Mr. Adams questions Old Guy Warner about the function of the lottery game explaining that in the other village, the lotto is no longer in impact.

Without a sensible explanation, Old Guy Warner closes down Mr. Adams who clearly does not believe in the lottery game. If Mr. Adams would push the issue more, Mrs. Hutchinson potentially would not of been extremely murdered for no factor in addition to many other individuals in future lottos. This comment is ironic because people hesitate to put a stop to something that is undoubtedly injustice to society just since individuals hesitate to question authority and custom.

On page 64, Mrs. Hutchinson scream’s to some other person’s specifying, “Make them take their opportunity!” This remark is ironic due to the fact that she is the one later chosen to die by stones thrown at her from the very individuals that she is yelling at. Mrs. Hutchinson’s death might have easily been prevented if someone, anybody had the guts to defend what they feel is ideal and justice.

Jackson uses colors to portray the state of mind of the story by frequently using the color black. The black box is custom for the village this story was based in, the people hesitated to question authority and get package cleaned up, “but nobody liked to upset even as much custom as was represented by the black box” ¦ package grew shabbier each year.” The whole state of mind of the story was really mournful, people acted fake, they hesitated to question authority or to be various. Among the papers put in the black box was stained black utilizing coal; this stain represents a mournful and wicked state of mind in the story. This is a society where citizens are so scared to be looked down upon that they will not question an immoral and oppression yearly practice called the lottery. If Jackson would have used the color blue or green, a positive lively color, then the story would not be so dismaying and people would be better in the story. Jackson effectively uses black to represent a sense of misery and anxiety.

Viewpoint is another literary element used by Jackson throughout the story. The third individual perspective conceals the ideas and feelings of the characters. By concealing the characters thoughts and feelings, readers can only make assumptions based upon the actions of the characters. Based upon some of the characters actions, it’s obvious that many characters do not agree with the lottery and the practices of the town, but are merely scared to question the practices. Old Man Warner is never ever strongly questioned throughout the story; he appears to be the authority figure in the story, the one that the people do not question.

In conclusion, Jackson’s message is clear “” Authority ought to constantly be questioned and not considered granite in addition to tradition! Jackson’s use of paradox, color and perspective to clearly present her message. She effectively, but casually provides her sensations towards the subject throughout the story using literary elements.

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