Thematic Essay – Lord of the Flies

Thematic Essay– Lord of the Flies

Savage, fierce, violent, and uncontrolled. With no order, individuals in society will end up being savage. When order is diminished, people do not behave properly, they do whatever it takes to survive and become more like animals than people. Order is what supports the function of society; without it, there is chaos. This mayhem is produced when individuals in the society become out of control and are only concerned with their own wellbeing. A savage character eliminates one of the characters and destroys the symbol that represents order.

The savage character is out of control and with no order present to control him he eliminates an organized character and in doing so, ruins one of the symbols that represented order. “The rock struck Piggy a glancing blow from chin to knee, the conch exploded into a thousand white pieces and ceased to exist.” (181 ). Now that conch disappears, the order will not exist and individuals will end up being savage. “Unexpectedly, Jack bounded out from the tribe and started shouting hugely. “See? See? That’s what you’ll get! I indicated that! There isn’t a people for you any longer!

The conch is gone” (181 ). He is saying that now with the conch gone there will be no more order, and that is revealed when at the start of the quote he was shrieking hugely. The death of Piggy and damage of the conch represent that order has actually been diminished and individuals on the island are becoming unrestrained. Jack sees that now that the conch is gone, Ralph no longer will have any sense of order to control individuals and there will now be a savage society, one that Jack desire. Now without order, they will end up being vicious and out of control.

The savages go on a hunt to eliminate a character of order. They go on a manhunt to kill the main character of order, due to the fact that now that order is gone the characters will be violent. “What could they do? Beat him? So what? Kill him? A stick sharpened at both ends.” (198 ). Ralph is thinking to himself about what the savages might possibly want to do to him when they catch him. He is pondering what a stick sharpened at both end might perhaps imply. He is stressing whether he will be captured and whether he will endure what they will do to him.

The ululation rose behind him and spread out along, a series of short sharp weeps, the sighting call. A brown figure showed up at his right and fell away. They were all running, all crying out incredibly.” (199 ). Ralph is ranging from the savages as they chase him incredibly and sobbing and yelling as they go. They are entirely out of control and have no sense of order as they chase after at Ralph like they are at war. They are severe about recording and seriously injuring him. The fierceness and violence in them comes out since they are not steady.

They are on a literal manhunt to kill the representation of order left in society. Ralph is the only representation of order in society and the savages are out to kill him, which would leave them hopeless in a order-less, out of control society. For that reason, without order Jack’s tribe has actually become savage and is going out of their method to kill order. The characters are no longer boys of order, they are savages. When they arrived at the island, they were orderly because that is how they acted in society.

Now with no order they have actually become uncharacteristically ferocious and uncontrollable. “He had even glimpsed among them, striped brown, black, and red, and had evaluated that it was Costs. But truly, believed Ralph, this was not Costs. This was a savage whose image refused to mix with that ancient picture of a kid in shorts and t-shirt.” (183 ). Ralph sees that the kid that initially arrived on the island is no longer that very same young boy, he is now a savage hunter and it seems like so long earlier from when he was innocent.

When they start eliminating pigs they really begin to lose their innocence and become savage. “Kill the pig. Cut her throat. Spill her blood.” (69 ). They have actually ended up being entirely uncivilized, not just did they eliminate a pig for food, which would be orderly, however they are chanting and teasing its death and excessively triggering it discomfort. The kids are no longer little young boys, they are now brutes who are violent and wish to hunt, kill, and cause pain. Without the order supplied by their daily society, they have actually become out of control doing damage to animals and others.

They do not behave as they would be anticipated to in society and have become savage without any order to civilize them. The savageness of people comes out when order collapses. The significance of Golding’s story was to reveal that the true nature of people is savage. Order has to be developed for a civilized society to exist. Without it we are naturally savage and will act violently and out of control. He went out to prove the point that young boys are naturally evil, but he also proved that order is the only thing that stabilizes the savageness within everyone.

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