The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis

The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis

The Yellow Wallpaper There are numerous symptoms that develop when one is detected with postpartum depression. Among the lots of is “obsessive-compulsive functions, consisting of invasive, recurring ideas and stress and anxiety. You see this all throughout “The Yellow Wallpaper,” and it begins when the narrator first describes the unusual patterns in the incredibly symbolic wallpaper in the space that was as soon as a kids’s nursery: “It is dull enough to confuse the eye in following, pronounced enough to constantly aggravate and provoke study, and when you follow the lame unpredictable curves for a little range they suddenly commit suicide– plunge off at outrageous angles, ruin themselves in unusual contradictions.

The color is repellent, almost revolting; a smoldering dirty yellow, oddly faded by the sluggish– turning sunlight.” When analyzing the very first section of the passage, on recognizes that she is describing the undetectable mask she has actually placed on. She attempts to hide that she is still deeply troubled by pretending to be delighted and in control, nevertheless tiring it may be. And yet, this “disease,” if you will, aggravates her to no end, as does the wallpaper. She is mad with her spouse in that he thinks this illness isn’t as severe as it really is.

Anger towards one’s partner or other member of the family is likewise a sign of postpartum depression. Then … she mentions something rather … striking. She says, “When you follow the lame uncertain curves for a little range they all of a sudden dedicate suicide– plunge off at outrageous angles, ruin themselves in unprecedented contradictions.” Even after a short time of withstanding extreme anxiety, one can feel overloaded with sadness and sorrow, and they start having persisting ideas of suicide.

She is afraid she is going to end up being outrageous, and take the “plunge …” maybe off a bridge? Above all, she hesitates she is going to hurt her newborn kid. If, by her own hands, her infant is hurt, she will be destroyed from the inside- out due to the fact that a new child is expected to be something pleased … a jubilant event, but her anxiety is preventing simply that. She dislikes feeling in this manner. She thinks it to be “revolting,” like the terrible yellow of the wallpaper.

But, if one looks carefully, one will see that there is a bit of light in her logic. She says it’s “oddly faded by the slow-turning sunlight.” Through time, all be it slow, the illness will start to vanish and undoubtedly vanish altogether. Through pain, and bad luck … through sadness and irritation … there is constantly hope. The tiniest light in the darkest cavern, there is hope. And she wants to keep it as long as she can … till the last bit of strength she has left dissipates entirely … … There is hope.

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