The Yellow Wallpaper Abstract

The Yellow Wallpaper Abstract

Summary: Today we read the narrative The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the Vanity Fair article Reconsidering the American Dream by David Kamp and the short story Thank You M’am by Langston Hughes. These 3 pieces of composing all had the common style of taking on with expectation versus reality and the way our perceptions of ourselves and others can fail us. Abstract: I was interested by the combination of this week’s readings.

I might appreciate each one for the specific styles and concepts they raised, but only till checking out Thank You M’am by Langston Hughes could I string the three together cohesively and assess the concepts they shared. What stuck out to me in all 3 pieces was the methods we handle expectation versus truth, but the reading that interested me the most with this theme was The Yellow Wallpaper. The Yellow Wallpaper reveals the distinction between expectation and truth by Gilman purposefully drawing the reader in by providing false expectations of the context of the story.

While it is explained rather quickly that everything is not as it seems, the way the beginning of the story exists suggests a sense of normalcy and primness that is quickly disbanded. The deliberate use of polarizing the differences in expectations and truths of the context assists the reader explore the world of this story and comprehend the way the characters deal with the dispute of expectations and realities. With the wife in the yellow space, we see conflict with the method she is restricted to a truth that makes her produce expectations that quickly becomes her brand-new reality, or the reality she buys into.

With a hubby (or perhaps the medical professional, depending upon analysis) that dismisses her symptoms or feelings that are related to this health problem that incapacitates her, the reality she is surrounded by does not present much hope. Caught in a room with disturbing wallpaper, nothing to do, and without the trust of a spouse, it is clear that the woman develops expectations to dismiss the parts of her life that do not bring complete satisfaction. With a background of what appears to be psychosis, the outright yellow wallpaper that is so off-putting becomes a fascination of its own for the woman who has extremely little else to take part in.

The reality of what lies behind the wallpaper that she produces consumes her and leads her to a location where rationality is not obvious through the lenses of those around her, like the doctor/husband and nurse/husband’s sis, however within her world, setting free the female she believes lags the wallpaper would look like the only reasonable thing to do. The female she views the paper links the expectations and reality by it being the method she breaks through and away from both the real life and the world of the wallpaper she created for herself.

I was fascinated by all the readings, however I think that The Yellow Wallpaper and the conflict of reality versus expectations within the story especially engaged me because it spoke on another level of the impact of that dispute. While Rethinking the American Dream handled expectations are formed by what we see and what we are informed, and Thank You M’am had to do with the way reality can establish expectations we view difficult, The Yellow Wallpaper handled the negative impact truth can have on expectations and the method having those expectations can create a brand-new, tainted truth.

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