The Odyssey’s Main Theme Involves The Exploring Of The Hardships Odysseus Endures

The Odyssey’s Main Style Includes The Checking Out Of The Hardships Odysseus Endures

Varying from a whirlpool, unfavorable winds, and a check out to the Cyclops, disaster discovers him at every turn. Zeus chose Odysseus’s fate when he announced:

let him leave.

But let him have no company, gods or males,

Just a raft that he should lash together,

And after twenty days, worn at sea,

He shall make land upon the garden aisle. (263 )

This edict of Zeus summarizes the journey Odysseus makes in order to return home. He sustains dire challenges to make the journey home, yet he still chooses to continue forward. Although Odysseus accepts this hardship as a simple speed bump, many individuals today would not prevail through such misfortune. A flair for finding the simple way out has appeared to blossom as the one uniform ability had by the majority of youths today. With today’s innovation, a person rarely invests an afternoon by himself, and if so, would not like it. With this in mind, selecting to advance with the journey in present times would be much more difficult of a decision to make than in ancient times.

Another problem around school campuses is the growing rate of alcohol and drug abuse amongst trainees. Extreme cannabis usage has actually taken claim to numerous victims. The drug may not kill the individual utilizing it, but it does eliminate motivation. The drug becomes a part of the user’s life, and the user will ultimately end up being sluggish. This lethargy continues to increase till the majority of efficient activities are removed.

Although Odysseus’s team did not have cannabis on their ship, his crew did experience a drug that presented a similar danger. Odysseus describes the drug, “however those who consumed this honeyed plant, the Lotus,/ never cared to report, nor to return:/ they longed to remain forever”( 305 ). This Lotus plant seems to have a comparable impact as the marijuana plant. Unlike many college students, Odysseus does not yield nor does he allow his team to enjoy the plant. Odysseus alerts his crew,”nobody taste/ the Lotus, or you lose your hope of home”( 305 ). Obviously, Odysseus places the concept of returning house above the concept of a life of complete bliss without any worries.

Drugs are not the only temptation dealing with Odysseus throughout his journey. He comes across the gorgeous goddess Calypso on an island. Calypso establishes a strong affection for the hero, and to Hermes she discusses, “I fed him, loved him, sang that he should not die/ nor age, ever, in all the days to come”( 265 ). Odysseus finds himself the object of a goddess’s desire, however still is not pleased.

This is shown when Odysseus begins to cry while taking a look at the sea. The hero finds himself in an extremely enviable position: a beautiful goddess enjoys him, and he will be able to live permanently with her. The typical male college student can in fact discover himself in a comparable position. This circumstance normally occurs when one has to leave his high school sweetie back home in order to go a great distance to college. Most of the times, this long-distance relationship does not work out, generally ending when the person meets a beautiful coed who lives next door. Nevertheless, Odysseus leaps at the possibility to return house, and discusses to Calypso:

If any god has marked me out once again

for shipwreck, my hard heart can undergo it.

What challenge have I not long considering that endured

at sea, in battle! Let the trial come. (267 )

His resolve to return to his other half Penelope is certainly strong; so Odysseus does what most college students did not, return home.

Throughout these journeys, Odysseus showed himself to be extremely committed to returning house. This honorable quality can not be found as quickly today. With all the temptations and diversions in contemporary times, males with such dedication might be a passing away type. Tough times, alcohol or drug abuse, and the existence of women have actually certainly supplied the young college male equivalent distractions to those Odysseus faced when he was lost. Although the fantastic commitment Odysseus has does not happen today as much as it should, this quality is still appreciated, and those who have it are kept in high status. With this in mind, Homer’s Odyssey still represents a comparable journey that many college males should endure.

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