The Odyssey Study Guide (Books 17-24)

The Odyssey Research Study Guide (Books 17-24)

THE ODYSSEY– Notes XVII. BOOK 17 A. Telemachus Brings Gifts To Palace, Theoclymenus States Odysseus Is Near i. Telemachus leaves Odysseus in hut, go back to tearful Penelope and nurse ii. Telemachus sees Theoclymenus and Piraeus at palace, tells Piraeus not to bring Menelaus’s presents to palace, suitors might take them iii. Telemachus tells Penelope what he discovered in Pylos and Sparta, but does not tell her he saw Odysseus himself or where he is iv. Theoclymenus swears Odysseus is in Ithaca at that really moment B. Odysseus Meets Suitors, Suitors Start Fight, Penelope Summons “Beggar” i.

Odysseus and Eumaeus head to town in Telemachus’s steps ii. They satisfy Melanthius, servant of suitors, who insults and kicks them iii. When they reach palace, suitors just reluctantly provide food, and Antinous heads out of his method to insult Odysseus iv. When Odysseus insults Antinous back, Antinous tosses stool at him v. Penelope becomes aware of ruthlessness, summons “Beggar” to inquire about Odysseus vi. But Odysseus doesn’t want suitors to see him heading to queen’s space vii. Eumaeus states he must return to hut and hogs, leaves Odysseus with son XVIII. BOOK 18 A.

Beggar Irus Insults Odysseus, Suitors Watch Battle, Odysseus Wins Battle i. Arnaeus another beggar, nicknamed Irus, insults and challenges Odysseus ii. Odysseus agrees to fight beggar, Athena provides Odysseus additional strength and stature, Odysseus is winning iii. Irus regrets difficulty as Odysseus begins to win, but quickly suitors take notification and egg them on iv. Fights ends rapidly as Odysseus floorings Irus, nearly killing him B. Amphinomus Congratulates, Odysseus Pities, Amphinomus Neglects Caution i. Suitors congratulate Odysseus, particularly Amphinomus who toasts Odysseus and offers him food ii.

Odysseus understands suitors will be slaughtered, tries to inform Amphinomus that “Odysseus” will be home and warns him to leave and return house iii. Amphinomus does not leave, despite the fact that he is “filled with serious forebodings,” iv. Amphinomus stays since Athena has actually bound him to pass away at the hands of Telemachus C. Penelope States Will Marry, Penelope Tricks Suitors, Telemachus Stops Fight i. Athena inspires Penelope to come prior to the suitors, Athena offers her extra stature and appeal to irritate them much more ii. Penelope leads suitors on, says she promised Odysseus she would remarry iii.

Penelope tricks suitors into providing her presents by saying any deserving male would offer her gifts instead of taking things from her, Odysseus is entertained iv. Suitors give Penelope gifts, Odysseus tells maidservants to go to Penelope v. Maidservant Melantho insults Odysseus as an inferior and an intoxicated, and Odysseus frightens them off with hazards vi. Athena influences Eurymachus to insult Odysseus, wanting to make him mad vii. Odysseus then insults Eurymachus, Eurymachus tosses stool at Odysseus but misses him and strikes a servant viii. Just before riot breaks out, Telemachus calms them down

XIX. BOOK 19 A. Defense Hidden, Athena Lights Space, Tell Eurycleia Securely Storing Defense i. Suitors go to sleep, Telemachus and Odysseus eliminate weapons ii. Athena lights the space so they can see what they are doing iii. Telemachus informs Eurycleia they are storing weapons so will not be harmed B. Penelope Checks out “Beggar”, She Evaluates Honesty, Odysseus Tells His “Tale” i. Telemachus goes to sleep and Penelope gos to Odysseus (in camouflage) ii. She heard he has actually met Odysseus and asks him to explain her partner iii. Odysseus describes himself so well Penelope cries iv.

Odysseus then informs her a false tale about how he met Odysseus, one that resembles his false stories in Books 13 and 14 v. He then informs her Odysseus is alive and will return within the month C. Penelope Offers Bed, Eurycleia Acknowledges Odysseus, Eurycleia Conceals i. Penelope provides Odysseus a bed, however states he is used to the flooring, declines ii. Odysseus permits Eurycleia to clean his feet iii. Eurycleia notices a scar that Odysseus had, immediately acknowledges him iv. Athena keeps Penelope distracted and Odysseus soothes Eurycleia down v. Eurycleia cools down and assures to conceal

D. Penelope Shares Dream, Odysseus Interprets Dream, Penelope States Will Wed i. Penelope shares a dream with Odysseus (in camouflage) ii. In dream, eagle dives down and eliminates 20 geese, then sets down on her roofing and in human voice says is her other half and put her enthusiasts to death iii. Penelope states she does not know what dream indicates, Odysseus discusses it iv. Penelope states will pick a new other half anyhow, states she will wed very first guy who can shoot an arrow through twelve axe holes in a line XX. BOOK 20 A. Odysseus and Penelope Can’t Sleep, Zeus Gives Odysseus Good Omen i.

Odysseus can’t sleep, stressed that he and Telemachus can’t beat numerous suitors, however Athena states through the gods all things are possible ii. Penelope can’t sleep, tormented by loss of other half and pledge to remarry, wakes and prays to Artemis to kill her iii. Zeus hears Penelope and asks Zeus for great omen to assure her iv. Zeus sends out clap of thunder right as maid is cursing the suitors B. Telemachus And Odysseus Meet, Suitors Plot Again, Theoclymenus Anticipates i. Odysseus and Telemachus fulfill Eumaeus, Melanthius, and Philoetius ii. Suitors go into and start outlining Telemachus’s murder iii.

Amphinomus stops them, says he saw bad omen of eagle killing dove iv. Athena keeps suitors antagonistic to keep Odysseus angry v. Ctesippus is rich and big-headed suitor, throws cow hoof at Odysseus vi. Suitors laugh, don’t discover they and the walls covered in blood and their faces have a foreign, ghostly appearance vii. Theoclymenus translates all of this as portents of inescapable doom XXI. BOOK 21 A. Penelope Difficulties Suitors, Suitors Fail Challenge, Odysseus Reveals Himself i. Penelope reveals she will marry whoever can string Odysseu’s bow and shoot arrow through line of twelve axes ii.

Telemachus establishes axes and tries himself but can’t string it iii. Suitors try to heat up and grease bow but all try stop working iv. Odysseus exposes himself to Eumaeus and Philoetius, states will treat them as Telemachus’s bros if they combat against the suitors B. Suitors Wish to Try Again, Odysseus Wants To Try, Odysseus Succeeds i. Eurymachus disgraced, can not string bow, feels inferior to Odysseus ii. Antinous recommends suitors wait a day to attempt again, when they can compromise to Apollo the archer god iii. Odysseus camouflaged asks for bow, suitors complain, afraid he’ll be successful iv.

Antinous mocks Odysseus, saying white wine has actually gone to his head and he will bring catastrophe to himself just like legendary inebriated centaur Eurytion v. Telemachus takes control and orders Eurymachus to offer Odysseus bow vi. Odysseus quickly strings bow and sends the very first arrow he gets whistling through all twelve axes XXII. BOOK 22 A. Slaughter Begins, Odysseus Exposes Himself To Suitors, States Will Kill All i. Before suitors know what occurred, Odysseus shoots Antinous in throat ii. Suitors believe shooting an accident up until Odysseus reveals himself to them iii.

Suitors are horrified, have no chance out since all doors are locked iv. Eurymachus states Antinous just bad apple, Odysseus says will spare none v. Eurymachus charges Odysseus, Odysseus shoots him, Telemachus eliminates Amphinomus with a spear B. Melanthius Assists Suitors, Athena Watches and Helps, Odysseus Slaughters i. Telemachus leaves lock open on door to weapons, and Melanthius sees ii. Melanthius gives weapons to suitors, but captured on his 2nd trip iii. Full fight starts, Athena camouflaged at Coach motivates Odysseus iv.

Odysseus and guys kill numerous suitors and just take minor wounds v. Athena then joins fight and it ends really rapidly vi. Odysseus spares just minstrel Phemius and Herald Medon, but kills priest Leodes as be begs unsuccessfully for mercy C. Eurycleia Rejoices, Disloyal Women Killed, Melanthius Tortured And Killed i. Odysseus tells Eurycleia to come out, she rejoices at the suitors deaths however Odysseus checks her impropriety ii. Eurycleia gathers disloyal servant females and makes them tidy the blood iii. Odysseus informs Telemachus to eliminate ladies with sword, however he hangs them iv.

Traitor Melanthius is tortured and eliminated, Odysseus fumigates home XXIII. BOOK 23 A. Penelope Does Not Think, Odysseus And Household Need To Lay Low i. Eurycleia calls Penelope, who slept through entire battle ii. Penelope does not believe Eurycleia, even when she sees Odysseus iii. Telemachus rebukes Penelope for not greeting Odysseus with more love iv. Odysseus just eliminated all the honorable young men of Ithaca, parents are upset v. Odysseus and family will require to lay low at their farm for a while vi. Minstrel plays a pleased song so no passers-by will think anything incorrect

B. Penelope Tests Odysseus, Odysseus Needs To Meet Prediction, Athena Hides Them i. Penelope still does not believe, thinks they are fooling her ii. Penelope chooses to check Odysseus, she tells Eurycleia to move her bed iii. Odysseus states bed is stationary, built from an olive tree trunk iv. Penelope then understands that Odysseus is undoubtedly her hubby v. They get reacquainted and Odysseus shares a little of his experiences vi. Odysseus informs her about the trip he need to make to meet Book 11 prediction vii.

Odysseus entrusts Telemachus for Laertes’ orchard, informs Penelope not to leave space or have visitors, Athena capes them in darkness so none see XXIV. BOOK 24 A. Hermes Leads Souls To Hades, Suitors Share What Took place To Them i. Hermes leads souls of suitors, weeping like bats into Hades ii. Agamemnon and Achilles argue over who had much better death iii. They ask how a lot of young noble guys died iv. Suitor Amphimedon informs tale, blaming most on Penelope v. Agamemnon contasts Penelope’s constancy with Clymnestra’s treachery B. Odysseus Sees His Father, Dad Aged Out Of Grief, Odysseus Comforts Him i.

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In Ithaca, Odysseus goes to Laertes farm, wishes to be alone with his dad ii. Laertes has aged too soon out of sorrow for his kid and spouse iii. Laertes doesn’t acknowledge Odysseus, Odysseus does not expose himself yet iv. Odysseus says he was child’s buddy, Laertes cries, Odysseus conveniences him v. Odysseus then shows who he is with scar and youth memories vi. Odysseus tells Laertes how he avenged himself upon the suitors C. Suitors’ Parents Want Revenge, Athena Intercedes, Peace Is Restored i. Odysseus & & Laertes lunch with Dolius, Melanthius and Melantho’s dad ii.

Goddess Report spreads news of palace massacre while they consume iii. Suitors’ moms and dads hold assembly and choose how to react iv. Halitherses, senior prophet, argues suitors got what they should have v. Eupithes, Antinous’s dad, motivates moms and dads to seek vengeance vi. Little army tracks Odysseus to Laertes’s farm vii. Athena, disguised as Coach, puts stop to violence viii. Antinous’s father is only one killed by Laertes’s spears ix. Athena makes Ithacans forget their children’s massacre and acknowledge Odysseus as king, peace is restored

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