The Odyssey Questions on Book 5

The Odyssey Questions on Book 5

Kerry Huntlea Book 5 Questions 1. What does Odysseus provide for himself? He is really efficient on making sacrifices, as he thinks you get rewarded he has hope to go house after it being 20 years. He is also extremely venerable and he weeps and dreams about the day he gets to see his household once again. But when Calypso states he can go he makes himself a raft and sets sail. 2. What does the gods do for him?

Well as Odysseus makes sacrifices as many times as he can, he can only hope something great takes place as the gods state if you’re good and sacrifice you will get rewarded however Odysseus is losing hope due to the fact that all he wishes to do is go home and it has actually been 20 years because. He doesn’t knows but he has actually been observed by the gods and he has actually been the subject in numerous meetings and arguments in between Athena and her daddy Zeus, so they send out Hermes to tell Calypso to set him totally free despite the fact that she does not wish to due to the fact that she is in love with him.

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. How does that make him look? I believe in book 5 you see his most susceptible side, like with Telemachus he is boy-like in the very first book we are properly introduced to him and it is like it with Odysseus. But as the book goes on he becomes more identified as the book goes on. It also makes him look well-informed and resourceful when it came to making a raft and cruising alone off of the island. What is the design of the chapter? Well there are a great deal of different places in this book and there are a lot of times zones too as he was on this island for 7 years. It is creative how they have connected them, as the book begins with the gods having a 2nd conference, and after that it goes on to calypso’s island then lastly on to Phaeacia.

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