The Odyssey: Different Point- of View

The Odyssey: Different Point- of View

The Odyssey: Calypso Sing I me, Muse, and through me tell the story of the lady nymph goddess Calypso. Oh so beautiful and immortal who lives in the sea- hollowed caverns on the island Ogygia. She craved the hero of Troy, king of Ithaka, boy of Laertes, a mortal and took him as her own. Nine long years they spent on the island together. I, Divine Calypso, was sitting at home and singing to my terrific creatures when Dawn came to me until Hermes, The Wayfinder, discovered his way to my cave with immediate news. I asked,”‘ O Hermes, ever with your golden wand, what brings you to my island?” (Homer, 83) I offered him a delicious meal and a cup of ambrosia when he responded,”‘ Goddess to god, you welcome me, questioning me? Well, here is the reality for you in courtesy. Zeus made me come.’ (Homer, 84) He demands for you to launch the mortal who is in your hands!” I ended up being furious. My heart pounded as those words spilled from his lips. My warm voice rose,”‘ Oh you vile gods, in jealousy supernal! You hate it when we select to lie with males!’ (Homer, 84)’ However it was I who conserve him- saw him straddle his own keel board. However there is no avoiding Zeus’s will. My counsel he shall have, and nothing concealed, to assist him homeward without damage.” (Homer, 85) I might not believe what was occurring. My Odysseus is leaving me. I could feel my heart as it fell under my stomach. The Wayfinder replied to me briefly in a calm voice trying to relax me,”‘ Thus you shall send him, then. And reveal more grace in your obedience, or be chastised by Zeus. ‘” (Homer, 85) Hermes then left me. Tears swelled in my eyes. I did not wish to do it but I must. There is Odysseus, resting on his stone seat scanning the far horizon. He is depressed. Tears were streaming down his cheeks.” The sweet days of his life time were running out in suffering over his exile. (Homer, 85) I forced him. I forced him to lay with me each night.” However when day came he rested on the rocky coast and broke his own heart groaning, with eyes damp scanning the bare horizon of the sea.” (Homer, 85) Now I stood prior to him thinking twice,”‘ O pitiable guy, be still. Here you need not feel your life taken in here; I have actually pondered it, and I shall help you go. ‘” (Homer, 86) Odysseus had a puzzled appearance. He looked at me with awe. I laughed at him while he froze for a moment. I could tell that he was confused. Then he finally stated, “‘After these years, an assisting hand?

O goddess, what guile is concealed here? I take no raft you grudge me out to sea. Or yield me first a terrific oath, if I do, to work no more entertainment to my damage.” (Homer, 86) Hearing those words made me laugh some more. He has some nerve to ask me to do this. My Odysseus was considerably confused. I then smiled at him and chanted sweetly, “My witness then be the earth and sky and leaking styx that I swear by- the gay gods can not swear more seriously- I have no more spells to work against you. Fairness id all I consider. There are hearts constructed of cold iron- however my heart is kind. (Homer, 86) I then swiftly led Odysseus to my cavern. He took the empty chair that was left by Hermes. I prepared a bed for the both people, but there was something that was troubling me. My Odysseus turned down immortality and being with me permanently. Is it reason for that female? The woman he left for Troy? Penelope is her name right? Why her? Why that mortal? I could not hold my tongue any longer, “‘Son of Laertes, flexible Odysseus, after all these years with me, you still desire your old house?’ Is it that bride-to-be for whom you pine each day? That Penelope? That mortal? ‘Can I be less preferable than she is?

Less intriguing? Less beautiful? Can mortals compare to goddesses in grace and in kind?’ (Homer, 87) You refused immortality for that woman? You turned me down?” My watery eyes could hardly see Odysseus. I started to turn away. My wise Odysseus spoke to me in a low, cal and relaxing voice. He comforted, “My girl goddess, there is no cause for anger. My quiet Penelope- how well I understand- would appear a shade prior to you majesty. Yet, it holds true, every day I wish for home, wish for the sight of house.’ (Homer, 87) My heart pains for my bride-to-be and boy. My boy whom I never spoke to is now a male. As he spoke, the sun set and the moon increased. I knew this was among our last nights together. I will certainly treasure these last moments. We both grew tired. Our eyes ended up being heavy. My Odysseus and I retired to my chamber. We rested softly, side by side. Goodnight, my Odysseus; sweet dreams. Dawn expanded her finger suggestions of rose. I had a serene sleep that night. Odysseus pulled his tunic and cape on while I dressed in a silvery dress with the finest product and drew a golden belt about my waist. I then led the excellent- hearted hero on a place in my island where the finest olive wood was grown.

A brazen axehead was the very first thing I gave to him. Odysseus was starting to develop his raft quickly. He appeared excited to leave. I started to feel this brand-new emotion. Is it jealousy? Hardly any words were discussed that night. This was the first day. This past week passed too fast. He has finished developing his raft and his freight is best beside it abound on the journey. Odysseus is surveying the horizon, preparing his sail. My heart started to pains once more. I could not think my eyes. Anger and frustration began to take control of me. Why does he have to leave? Why so soon?

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Curse the gods in Olympus! They do not know what true love is. All of a sudden, I saw a lightning bolt in the far east and heard a clap of thunder at a distance. What am I saying? My gods, I am sorry. Please forgive me! Almighty Zeus, you understand what is best for my and Odysseus’s fate. Please, please forgive me! Then Odysseus concerned me with a puzzled but concerned face.” What is wrong my goddess?” I snapped,” Nothing is incorrect!” I looked at the waters and recognized my eyes were bloodshot and filled with tears.” Nothing is wrong my Odysseus. Please forgive me. I ought to not have actually spoken to you that way. I started to weep some more.” You have refrained from doing anything incorrect.” Odysseus started to unwind me with his soothing voice. I responded,” Please do not leave yet. Lay with me for another night. Then you are complimentary to leave in the morning. I will provide you lots of presents. I assure.” He did what I asked. My Odysseus is leaving tomorrow. Dawn roe marking the 5th and final day. I should send him out to sea. But I must shower him, provide him a scented cloak,” and put on board a skin of dusky white wine with water in a larger skin, and shops- boiled meats and other victuals- in a bag.” (Homer, 88)” Farewell my Odysseus. I rubbed his hair and face one last time.” Goodbye my goddess,” Odysseus spoke in a soft voice. All of a sudden, he kissed me, a farewell kiss. I then conjured him a warm land breeze to blowing-” joy for Odysseus when he shook out sail!” (Homer, 88) Also, I bade him with stars to keep him business. My heart is now completely shattered but I understood it was for the very best.” Pallas Athena, hear my cry! Please keep him safe! Let him come home to his family, his son and better half.” Goodbye my Odysseus. Let the wind and stars direct you to Ithaka. I then sobbed myself to sleep with a smile on my face.

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