The Odyssey comparison

The Odyssey comparison

!.?.!? I believe that the primary human dispute of the Odyssey is determination. Throughout the novel it reveals Odysseus’s multiyear journey back home from the Trojan War with his pals even after the majority of them die on the journey. The modern-day work that I will be comparing the Odyssey to is O Bro, Where Art Thou. Both of the works have to do with the perseverance of a group of men that are encountered by numerous individuals that get in the way or effort to stop them from achieving their mission. The similarities in between O Sibling, Where Art Thou? and Homer’s Odyssey are many, varying from the apparent to the odd.

The only direct reference is the line of text revealed at the start of the film, “O Muse! Sing in me, and through me inform the story … “, which is one translation of the very first line of the Odyssey. In addition to this, there are a few characters in the film that share names with comparable characters in the Odyssey, Ulysses which is the Latin type of the Greek name Odysseus is the first name of the film’s main character, Ulysses Everett McGill. Menelaus ‘Pappy’ O’Daniel, who releases the group of males at the end, shares his given name with the King of Sparta who combated together with Odysseus at Troy.

Pappy O’Daniel’s rival in the election is Homer Stokes, who shares his given name with the author of the classical text. Odysseus’ better half was named Penelope. Penny, a reduced variation of Penelope, is the name of Everett’s partner. The blind man in the radio station might likewise represent Homer, the author of the Odyssey who was also blind. Simply as Homer was the very first to tape the story of Odysseus, the blind radio station operator is the first to tape-record Everett and his group. Resemblances in between Odysseus and Everett Odysseus’ pride works against his success.

Such as when he screams his name and home town to Polyphemus the Cyclopes and now knowing that, Polyphemus is able to ask Poseidon to cause more difficulty for Odysseus. All throughout the film Everett applies an item to his hair, suggesting his pride, and in one scene after he refuses to be baptized, audiences discover that the smell of the pomade is how the pet dogs have the ability to track the group so quickly. Pete even points out that, had Everett consented to be baptized, “A minimum of it would’ve washed away the stink of that Pomade. Parallels in between Penelope and Penny at the end of the film, Everett’s other half sets him a near-impossible task of recovering a ring. At the end of the Odyssey, Odysseus still has a mission left too: he should string the bow and fire it through a row of 12 axes. Odysseus evaluated Penelope’s faith by very first appearing before her in disguise, and Penelope does not recognize him, till he later on exposes himself. Everett appears in camouflage on stage when the group sings “Male of Consistent Sadness.” Penny also does not recognize him until he reveals himself to her.

There are likewise comparisons of the monsters and others fulfilled by Odysseus. Big Dan Teague is related to Polyphemus the Cyclops. In the Odyssey, the cyclops goes to sleep drunk and has his eye put out by Odysseus and his team with a sharpened log. In the movie, Huge Dan is almost blinded by the sharpened pole of the Confederate flag however catches it, only to be crushed below the flaming cross that Everett releases. The falling burning cross then drives the pointed stake into Teague’s only great eye, for that reason completing the parallel to the Cyclops.

The Sirens on the island try and lure Odysseus and his men with their singing. In the movie they do the same and hypnotize Everett, Delmar and Pete, and coerce them to consume alcohol till they pass out. The sorceress Circe effectively turns the companions of Odysseus into pigs. In the movie, the group of sirens goes and turns Pete into a toad. The blind black man on the railway push car could be a parallel to Nestor, who is sought advice from by Odysseus’ son Telemachus. As another parallel Homer himself was according to custom blind and bearded.

The relentless constable is maybe comparable to Hades and his hound echoes Cerberus. A link in between Satan and Poseidon might be being made when Everett points out that Satan carries “a giant hay fork” (a spear); both figures are typically depicted with simply such an instrument. The travelers’ siege in the Hogwallop barn associates with Odysseus’s harmful time in between Scylla and Charybdis when Everett helplessly cries “Damn! We’re in a tight spot! “. There is a trance-like development of worshippers looking for to be baptised. Their quietness draws a parallel with the Lotus-Eaters of the Odyssey.

Instantly after Delmar is baptized, he declares he will just follow “the straight and narrow from here on out.” This may be an allusion to the team of Odysseus no longer wanting to continue on their quest after an encounter with the Lotus-Eaters. At one point George Nelson shoots at a herd of livestock. Odysseus and his fellow travelers slaughter the cows of the sun god Helios. Odysseus cautions his men against killing the sacred oxen. Delmar warns Nelson, “Oh, George, not the livestock!” In addition to this, in the Odyssey Odysseus’ ship is struck by a thunderbolt killing all however him.

In the film, George is sent out to be executed in the electric chair. During the parade to the execution, somebody leading a cow behind the mob shouts, “Cow killer!!! ” George Nelson is a parallel to Agamemnon, who persuaded Odysseus into signing up with the Greeks versus Troy, while Nelson got Everett and the kids as accomplices in his bank-robbing spree. When the people sneak into the municipal government towards completion of the movie, they disguise themselves by using beards. This could reference how Odysseus sneaks into his hometown worn beggars clothes with long hair and beard.

The scene in the theater, when Pete attempts to warn Everett and Delmar, parallels Odysseus’ descent into the underworld, Hades. Delmar, believing that Pete had actually died, errors him (and thus also the other individuals in the theater) for a ghost. In this scene Pete parallels Tiresias in the underworld. Another underworld parallel is the KKK’s cross-burning ceremony. Pete, Delmar, and Everett drop a high slope (for this reason, a descent), and rise bathed in the red light of the flames of the Klan’s event. The flames, shouting chorus of a tune and the grand wizard in his red bathrobes all suggest a hellish place.

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Everett’s children stand for Odysseus’s son Telemachus. In the movie, Everett initially fulfills his daughters again, before he satisfies his partner, as Odysseus first meets his kid, and later Penelope. The motion picture follows the theme of “in media res”, which implies “in the middle of things.” The Odyssey starts by telling of Odysseus being caught on Calypso’s island without informing how he ended up being caught there until later in the epic. The movie begins with Everett, Delmar, and Pete escaping from the labor farm without informing how they arrived there in the first location.

The dialogue in a scene in between Everett and his daughters likewise use a reference to its ancient impact. Utilizing Latin terms, one of the women states that Waldrip is authentic, and Everett reacts that he is the pater familias. The girls likewise use the word suitor twice. In the scene where the trio and George Nelson are sitting around the fire after the break-in at Itta Bena, there are Greek columns in the background. Everett also returns to stop the marriage and fight Vernon, much as Odysseus comes back to kill the suitors.

Everett, however, is severely beaten by Vernon. These examples loop the truth that the unique the Odyssey and the film O Bro, Where Art Thou are connected. The directors of the film claim to not have actually checked out the book and used it as an influential piece however how can you get such a comparable result without having that background understanding. This source supports my claim here (http://muse. jhu. edu/journals/mou/ summary/v007/7. 3. siegel. html). Though some view it as a loose contrast I believe much like numerous other people that it was a heavy impact.

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