The Odyssey – Book and Movie

The Odyssey– Book and Movie

I have actually observed numerous differences in the Odyssey legendary and the motion picture. One major distinction, in the film there is an added primary character, Odysseus’ mother. She acts as a primary character in the motion picture but is not when pointed out in the epic poem. I feel this bring the audience into the story more particularly how in present days the majority of people have a strong connection with their moms. In the film, Odysseus’ mother just wanted the very best for him, she was a strong, worried mother who wished his son would return She did the very best she might with dealing with Odysseus’ journey but finally she could not take it anymore.

She dedicated suicide which altered the story’s plot making all of the characters grieve. In my viewpoint the book could have stressed odysseus’ mom a little more to make it a bit better. Another significant difference in between the movie and the epic poem is that in the motion picture the suitors deal with Penelope terribly while in the legendary they treat her much better. Penelope’s suitors break their welcome in her palace and she wants them to leave but they will not. In the legendary the suitors tried to get on Penelope’s silver lining to become her new other half and to become king.

Penelope and Telemachus are both treated with disrespect when it concerns the suitors. This puts in more feeling and it actually convinces the audience to do not like the suitors also, and when odysseus returns it puts in a good factor to get so angry and aggressive with them and wish to eliminate them. After Odysseus returned, in the book he was upset with the suitors so he threatened them, although he did eliminate every one of the suitors in the motion picture, he just killed the primary leader and a few others in the book.

The books version was better since I think that in the movie they over exaggerate it way too much and odysseus ended up being too aggressive and indicate, I know it must be hard to stroll back in to your town and see a group of males trying to remove your spouse but my first priority when I came back would be to see my wife and kid. He seems method too upset at them and eliminating every one distracts from the reality that he is at home and he can see his other half and kid more.

Out of all the differences between the book and the film, those were the ones that jumped out at me the most. I really liked the motion pictures analysis more than the books story, due to the fact that the motion picture highlighted more emotion, which reaches out to the audience much better and makes us stick. That was an actually long journey and it was nearly as if i was residing in the book however im happy I can state that its over with and I did it, I would have never understood this much about the Odyssey before.

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