The Odyssey book 1 study questions

The Odyssey book 1 research study concerns

. What is an Invocation?. Who is the narrator speaking with in the first stanza? How does Homer develop the.significance of the story he is about to tell? Point out text to support your answer. Where is.Odysseus when the story starts? How long has he existed? What has. took place to Aegisthus and why is Zeus distressed about it? Why do. you think Homer starts the work by having Zeus discuss this story?. Look up the story of Aegisthus and Clytemnestra. What parallels is the poet drawing. by including this story?

When the Gods hold their conference, where is Poseidon and.why is this substantial? What impression of the Gods does this. book offer us? What function do they appear to play in human affairs and what seems to. be their motivation? Point out text to support your thinking. Lots of people believed that the.Greeks did not think in free choice. Does your reading of this area assistance that. opinion? Describe your thinking and include a mention from text to support. What is Athena’s strategy? What disguise does she embrace? Where is Telamachus when we first see him? Describe the scene at Penelope’s house when Athena gets here. Discuss the treatment of Athena (in camouflage) when she initially shows up.

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What. customizeds can we see dealing with how one is to deal with complete strangers? What. do you believe this informs us about Greek worths? How does Telamachus feel about his.father? What makes you say this? What guidance does Athena provide to Telamachus?. What tune does the poet sing that so upsets Penelope?. What does Telemachus’ treatment of his mother show about the views of the Achaians toward ladies? Mention text to support your answer. Describe the suitors. In what ways. do they breach Greek hospitality? Which 2 suitorsare called and what is their. character? How would you identify Telemachus at this moment? What are his.strengths? What are his weaknesses?. Why do you believe a book that professes to inform the story of Odysseus in fact begin by. discussing his child and what was occurring in your home? How does Homer describe.Telamachus’ bed room and palace? What does this inform us about the Greek principle of. “house”?

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