The Odyssey and O Brother, Where Art Thou?

The Odyssey and O Brother, Where Art Thou?O Bro, Where Art Thou is a parody of The Odyssey composed and produced by the Coen bros. This movie reveals a more modern-day 1930s look at The Odyssey composed by the Greek poet Homer. The Odyssey describes the daring, however dangerous return of Odysseus and his team to Ithaca from the Trojan War. O Sibling, Where Art Thou describes Ulysses’ escape from prison with his 2 pals Pete and Delmar, and their effort to escape back to freedom without being noticed. Both works show the struggles Odysseus and Ulysses deal with as they and their partners go back to house and freedom. The Odyssey is a long series of books detailed by Homer of Odysseus’return. Odysseus is wise, brave

, and sly. These are great attributes to have when you need to deal with battle daily, but Odysseus also had overconfidence, curiosity, and a lack of faith in others. Odysseus’s overconfidence in The Odyssey often caused damage and death to others, such as teasing Polyphemus the one eyed giant, which resulted in him tossing a big stone and killing lots of. Odysseus frequently has interest such as shacking up with Circe for a year. He doesn’t trust anyone’s judgment other than for his own. Odysseus asn’t the only one with a lack of judgment. Ulysses from O Bro, Where Art Thou is the leader of the group of jail escapees and doesn’t listen quite to Pete or Delmar’s ideas. Ulysses is a quick thinker and a smooth talker, but he can likewise be gullible. This does not constantly end up assisting the group like the time he chose a picnic with Huge Dan, the one-eyed salesperson. Ulysses likewise has numerous weaknesses which constantly work versus him. Ulysses got himself into this mess by faking a lawyer license. He doesn’t follow the guidelines, and often attempts to do his own thing. Both Odysseus and Ulysses reveal an absence in judgment. O Sibling, Where Art Thou and The Odyssey have lots of similarities. Odysseus and Ulysses both escape from a”battle”of their own. Ulysses escapes from prison, while Odysseus is returning from Troy

. Odysseus and Ulysses both have “partners”during their escape. Odysseus has his team and Ulysses has Pete and Delmar. Both Ulysses and Odysseus have marital issues. Penelope gives up on Odysseus ‘return and starts looking in other places, while Penny fakes Ulysses’death and briefly remarries. Odysseus and Ulysses are both gullible in their own experiences. In The Odyssey, Odysseus is quickly tempted into numerous scenarios. Appropriate Subjects Readers Likewise Choose Odysseus Commitment In O Sibling, Where Art Thou Ulysses is likewise very gullible. In The Odyssey, Odysseus is very curious into females and searches for

fun. In O Brother, Where Art Thou Ulysses never ever shows interest into ladies other than for his wife

. In O Bro, Where Art Thou the blind prophet represents Tireseas in the underworld, while in The Odyssey, it represents a look into the future. Odysseus is really disliked by a god, Zeus, while Ulysses never acknowledges God until the very end when he is about to be hanged. The Odyssey and O Bro, Where Art Thou explain the battles of two different groups and their escape to flexibility. O Bro, Where Art Thou reveals that The Odyssey can still live on today, and is still very important to our generation, and generations to come. It shows that in the late 90s The Odyssey can still relate to life today, and will be

appropriate to life at any phase. Today when people think of The Odyssey, they consider the”Odyssey “of life smoothing and refining an individual by the trials and tribulations they need to overcome on life’s difficult paths. People associate how Odysseus got rid of all of his problems, and place it in today’s world and associate it with them gaining from their own troubles and fixing their own life with them.

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