The Odyssey

The Odyssey

The Odyssey Reading Comprehension Questions Part 1 Part 1 1) Where is Odysseus located at the poem’s start? 2) What is a muse? And why is Homer asking the muse to, “sing in me?” 3) Who is lord Helios? 4) What did Odysseus’ men do to lord Helios? 5) Who is Odysseus’ dad? 6) Where is Odysseus from? (What city is his house?) 7) Who is Calypso? Who is Circe of Aeaea? 8) What did Circe do to Odysseus? 9) Who were the Cicones and what does it sound like Odysseus did to them? What did they do to him and his guys in return? 10) After Odysseus’ men (The Achaeans) left the island of the Cicones, the number of them had been killed? 1) How does Odysseus pertain to the shores of the Lotus eaters? 12) What occurs to those who consume the honeyed plant, the Lotus? 13) How does Odysseus get his 3 guys back from the clutches of the Lotus? 14) Write the description that is provided in the book about the Cyclops? 15) What does prodigious mean? 16) When they come ashore on the island of the Cyclops, Odysseus brings his 12 best fighters and something else, what is it? 17) Odysseus and his best guys climb into the Cyclops cave and discover what? Discuss what “kids” and “whey” are. 18) What does the Cyclops swing “high overhead” to obstruct the entrance to the cave? 9) What does Odysseus mean when he states, “… as custom-made is to honor strangers? We would entreat you, sir, have a care for the gods’ courtesy; Zeus will avenge the unoffending visitor.” 20) What does the Cyclops suggest when he states in action to Odysseus, “We Cyclopes care not a whistle for your rumbling Zeus or all the gods in happiness; we have more force without a doubt.” 21) When the Cyclops asks, “Inform me, where was it, now, you left your ship,” Odysseus lies and tells him that Poseidon, god of the ocean, sank it. Why does Odysseus do this? 22) What does the Cyclops do to Odysseus’ males right away after this? 3) After the Cyclops goes to sleep, Odysseus thinks about eliminating him by stabbing him with his sword, “… where the midriff holds the liver.” What reason does he have for deserting this idea? 24) After the Cyclops has gone to sleep, Odysseus notifications an olive tree that’s tipped over and been, “delegated season.” What do he and his men do to the tree? 25) After they completed with the olive tree, where did they conceal it from the Cyclops? 26) Where was the Cyclops while they were working on the olive tree? 27) What does Odysseus offer to the Cyclops to have with his supper?

What does it do to the Cyclops? 28) The Cyclops requests for Odysseus name and he tells him that it’s, “Nohbdy.” Why is this important and how does it assist Odysseus and his males escape? 29) After the Cyclops goes to sleep on the second night, what do Odysseus and his guys do with the olive tree? 30) Who is the Cyclops dad? 31) Odysseus and his males connect themselves to the tummy of the Cyclops’s sheep in order to leave. Why don’t they simply run past the Cyclops given that he’s blind anyhow? 32) What do Odysseus’ men draw from the Cyclops and load on to their ships? 33) Analyze the following lines: as away coast as yelled words would bring, I sent out a few back to the foe:” Why do you believe the words “bring” and “enemy” rhyme although they’ve been translated from Greek to English? 34) Once Odysseus and his men make it to sea, what does Odysseus do that angers the Cyclops? Why does he do this? 35) As it turns out, what did the Cyclops understand about Odysseus long before he ever showed up? 36) Who is the “god of earthquake?” 37) After the Cyclops asks Odysseus to come back and provides to treat him well, what does Odysseus shout in reply? 8) Using the response to the concern above, explain what type of man Odysseus is. 39) Who is the “blue girdler of the islands?” 40) When the Cyclops hopes to the “blue girdler of the islands” what does he ask? 41) After he finishes hoping, what does the Cyclops start to toss? Where does he throw it? 42) After Odysseus and his men leave the Cyclops and land on another island, what do they do that night? 43) Who is Aeolus and what favor does he provide for Odysseus? What do Odysseus’ guys do that ruins the favor? 44) Who are the Laestrygonians? What do they do to Odysseus’ males? 45) Who is Circe? What does she do to Odysseus’ men? 6) Where does Circe inform Odysseus he must go before he can go house? Who must he speak to? 47) What are “libations?” 48) What 2 things does Odysseus vow to compromise when he gets house, to mitigate the countries of the dead? 49) What does he really compromise and let it’s black blood circulation into the pit he has developed? 50) What is Erebus? 51) After Odysseus makes the sacrifice, what stirred out of erebus? 52) Who is Persephone? (They utilized her name in The Matrix) 53) What is Odysseus trying to avoid the pit he’s created? Why? 54) Who is Elpenor? 55) What news does Elpenor inform Odysseus of Telemachus? 6) What does Elpenor ask Odysseus to do for him? 57) Who is Anticlea and how is she related to Odysseus? 58) When Tiresias appears, what does he bend down and taste? 59) Who is, “… the god who roars on the land …?” 60) What does Tiresias indicate when he states, “One narrow strait may take you through his blows?” 61) Who is Helios once again? (Refer to Question # 3) 62) What are Kine? Why is Odysseus supposed to avoid them? 63) According to Tiresius, when Odysseus gets house, he will discover some males. What will they be doing? What kind of men are they? How will Odysseus make them atone? 4) After Odysseus has “dealt out death,” what is he supposed to do with an oar? 65) What will take place if he does this? 66) After checking out Tiresius, Odysseus heads back to Circe’s Island and what things does she warn him about? 67) Who are Scylla and Charybdis? 68) What does Odysseus inform his males that Circe prompted that he alone should do? 69) What does Odysseus finish with a huge cake of beeswax? Why does he do this? 70) What do Perimedes and Eurylochus do to hold Odysseus still? 71) After leaving the Sirens, Odysseus and his men come across, “… smoke and white water, with sound of waves in tumult …” What does this indicate? 2) Odysseus calms his males, but selects not to inform them about the coming threat. What is the coming threat and why does he not tell them? 73) What is a cuirass? 74) Who is the “beast of the gray rock?” 75) He calls Charybdis a, “dire gorge.” What does that imply? 76) How many males does Scylla blend away in one strike? 77) What are the “voices” that “boiled down to me in distress, calling my name for the last time?” 78) Describe the metaphor of the, “male surfcasting on a point of rock” as it relates to Scylla. 79) Do Odysseus and his men prevent Charybdis? 0) What does Odysseus alert his males about when he says, “… the cattle here are not for our provision?” 81) How long do Odysseus and his males float around being blown by, “… windstorms, blowing day in, day out …?” 82) What occurred to all the barley in the ship? 83) What does Eurylochus strategy with all the other guys when Odysseus remains in a protected area giving supplication to the, “… gods who own Olympus?” 84) Who is Lampetia and what does she do? 85) What does Helios ask Zeus to do? 86) What “queer” signs to the gods make appear to Odysseus and his men?

What does the following mean, “… and beef, both raw and roasted, lowed like kine upon the spits.” 87) What does Zeus “let fly” on the ship? 88) What does Odysseus clinch to keep from drowning and ride out the shocking storm? 89) Right before he wanders onto Ogygia island, the length of time had he been adrift in the sea? 90) Who resides on Ogygia island? Reading Understanding Concerns Part 2: The Return of Odysseus 1) At the start of part 2, Odysseus returns home after being gone for the length of time? 2) As soon as he returns house, what situation does Athena inform him of? 3) Where has Telemachus travelled to discover his daddy?) What does Athena disguise Odysseus as when he returns house? 5) What is a swineherd? (If you don’t know the word swine, look it up in the dictionary and think what it means to be a swineherd.) 6) What does Athena tell Odysseus to bring on the suitors in the town? 7) Why does Athena make Odysseus lithe and young with a clean jawline and a white cape? 8) What does oblation indicate? 9) At first, Telemachus does not think that Odysseus is his dad. Why not? What does he think? 10) Telemachus asks his father, “Dear daddy! Inform me what type of vessel put you here ashore on Ithaca? Your sailors, who were they? What does Odysseus tell him about how he pertained to Ithaca? 11) What does Odysseus state about the presents of bronze and gold that the Phaeacians gave him? 12) What does Telemachus inform his dad about their possibilities of beating the suitors who are, “a houseful in their prime?” 13) Odysseus informs his boy, “… at break of day tomorrow, house with you, go join our princes.” After that, he begins to inform Telemachus his plan to gain access to his house without the suitors presuming him, what is it? 14) Odysseus tells Telemachus, “If kid of mine you are and blood of mine, let nobody hear Odysseus is about. Why does he wish to keep individuals from understanding that he’s home? 15) After consulting with his son, Odysseus is changed back into a beggar and heads for his home with Eumaeus who doesn’t know it’s Odysseus. On the way, they fulfill Argus. Who is Argus and what occurs to him after he sees Odysseus? 16) Who is Antinous? 17) What does Antinous say to Odysseus, who is still camouflaged as a beggar? 18) What does Antinous throw at Odysseus and where does it struck him? 19) After Odysseus yells at Antinous, what does he threaten to do to Odysseus when he states, “Consume and be quiet where you are …? 20) Penelope overhears the discussion between Antinous and the beggar and wishes that Antinous would be shot with an arrow from which god? 21) What does Penelope demand that her housemaid, Eumaeus, do? 22) Penelope has a discussion with Odysseus while he is still camouflaged. What to they speak about? 23) Given that her hubby has actually been gone so long, Penelope tells everyone that she remains in grieving for her dead hubby and that she is weaving him a death shroud. She states, “So every day I wove on the great loom.” What does she do every night? 24) What has Penelope been attempting to prevent since the suitors shown up?

Why? 25) What does the beggar tell Penelope about Odysseus? 26) What challenge does Penelope give the suitors in order that she may select among them to be her hubby? 27) Before Odysseus strings the bow, what are some of the insults that the suitors state to him? 28) What does Odysseus do after he completes the challenge that Penelope provided the suitors? 29) What takes place to Antinious? 30) When the suitors turned and searched for their spears and guards, what had happened to them? 31) Who does Eurymachus attempt to blame whatever on? 32) What does he use Odysseus in exchange for sparing their lives? 3) What is Odysseus’ reaction? 34) Who eliminates Amphinomus? 35) What does Telemachus go to get while his father holds the suitors off with the last of his arrows? 36) What does Homer compare the pile of dead suitors to? 37) Prior to Odysseus left house, he constructed the bed he shared with his better half. He crafted it from the finest wood and one of the 4 posts of the bed was made from a living Olive tree. After he has actually beat the suitors, Penelope does not think that the guy prior to her is Odysseus, her long lost husband. How does she try to trick him, to see if it is truly him?

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