The Odyssey

The Odyssey

The Odyssey Book Ten: The Grace of the Witch (916-925) 1. Who resides on the island of Aeolus? ___________________________________________ 2. What presents does Aeolus give Odysseus? _______________________________________ 3. What do Odysseus’ males do that curses their voyage even more? ___________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 4. What occurs in the land of the Laestrygones? _________________________________ 5. Who lives in Aeaea? ______________________________________________________ 6. In lines 1-11, what is unusual about Circe’s hall? Write the words and expressions that explain her home. ______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 7. If you were among the group in lines 23-26, whom would you follow– Polites or Eurylochus? Why? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 8. What happens to the males after they drink Circe’s magic potion, in lines 27-36? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________. What does Eurylochus beg Odysseus to do? ___________________________________ 10. What does Odysseus do? __________________________________________________ 11. How does Odysseus secure him self from Circe? _______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 12. Why does Circe complimentary Odysseus’ guys from her spell? _____________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 13. What epithets does Circe utilize in lines 108-110 to describe Odysseus? _______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 14. Lines 118-126 are a legendary simile. What 2 things are being compared? How does this simile aid you visualize the scene that Odyseuss is explaining. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 15. Of what do the men have to advise Odysseus? ________________________________ 16. What does Circe inform Odysseus he must do to get house? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Book Twelve: Sea Perils and Defeat (928-938) 1. Who lives in the underworld? _____________________________________________ 2. Odysseus must talk to Tiresias, the blind prophet. Of what does he warn Odysseus? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 3. Throughout this trip to the underworld, who does Odysseus see and speak with that is a surprise to him? _____________________________________ 4. Circe alerts Odysseus about the Sirens. How do the Sirens lure the guys? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 5. In lines 15-21, Circe recommends a way for Odysseus to hear the Sirens safely. What does she suggest? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 6. What is Scylla? (lines 43-55) How is Scylla explained? _______________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ 7. What is Charybdis? ________________________________________________________ 8. What choice does Odysseus need to make relating to Scylla and Charybdis? _______________________________________________________________________ 9. What does Circe care Odysseus versus doing, in lines 72-85, and why? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 10. “Now offer those kine a broad berth, keep your ideas intent upon your course for home” (line 101)

The word kine in this quote implies ____________________________. 11. In lines 134-159, the men panic when they hear the rumbling browse. How does Odysseus help them conquer their worry and hence restore control of the ship? _______________________________________________________________________ 12. Describe the metaphor in lines 193-197 comparing Scylla to a male fishing. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 13. Is Odysseus right to keep his choice to cruise toward Scylla a secret from his guys?

Offer factors for your viewpoint. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 14. Why do Odysseus’ guys wish to land on Thrinacia, the island of the sun god? _______________________________________________________________________ 15. What caution does Odysseus provide his males about the cattle of Helios, the sun god? _______________________________________________________________________ 16. Do the guys obey Odysseus’ caution? What do they do? _______________________________________________________________________ 7. How does the sun god feel and what does he do? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 18. How does Zeus, lord of the gods, try to calm (please) Helios? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ “Siren Song” by Margaret Atwood 1. What does the Siren expose about the song? _______________________________________________________________________ 2. What does she reveal about herself? ______________________________________________________________________ 3. Who might the “others” be who have heard the song but “can’t remember”? _______________________________________________________________________ 4. The siren explains the tune as “deadly and important.” In what sense is it valuable? _______________________________________________________________________ 5. To whom might the siren be speaking? Give reasons for your viewpoint. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 6.

How much of “Siren Tune” is based on Homer, and just how much is Atwood’s original development? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 7. The poem “Siren Song” is an ___________________________ to the story of the Sirens in Homer’s impressive, The Odyssey. Impressive Simile The Odyssey was not a composed story that the Greeks would sit down and check out. Rather it was an efficiency by a master writer, a poet with a golden voice, singing or reciting his excellent tale in verse crafting much of the information as he went.

Two of the methods that he utilized are the epic simile and the epithet. Epic simile– As you know, a simile is a contrast in between two things that utilizes the word like or as. Often, Homer establishes a simile at excellent length and detail, going on for a number of lines. This is referred to as the impressive simile, an elaborate, more included version of a regular simile. Homer utilizes epic similes for focus, whether he’s explaining a character’s thoughts and sensations or the magnitude of a battle between two armies.

A legendary simile, also called a Homeric simile, is an intricate contrast that continues for a variety of lines. Impressive similes include words such as like, as, so, or just as. Two such similes, including a shipwright and a blacksmith’s shop, communicate the blinding of Polyphemus in Book 9. In the excerpt listed below, Odysseus is seeing the efficiency of a bard, a minstrel like Homer himself. Suddenly he finds himself listening to the story of the fall of Troy and of his own part in it. What is his reaction? Notice 2 things that are being compared. What does the comparison assistance to stress? And Odysseus et the bright molten tears diminish his cheeks, weeping [like] the way an other half mourns for her lord on the lost field where he has actually decreased fighting the day of rage that encountered his children. At sight of the guy panting and passing away there, she slips down to enfold him, crying out: then feels the spears, prodding her back and shoulder, and goes bound into slavery and sorrow. Piteous weeping deteriorates her cheeks; however no more piteous than Odysseus’ tears, masked as they were, now, from the business– Book 8, lines 560-571 Odysseus becomes psychological and begins to cry at the minstrel’s efficiency. The comparison emphasizes the depth of Odysseus’ emotion and his failure to control it.) 1. Total the chart on page 7 of this packet. 2. Make up a legendary simile that conveys (outlines) Circe’s appeal for Odysseus and his men and the way she helps them. Then write another legendary simile that communicates the danger she positions to them. 3. Write one ephithet that describes yourself. From the Odyssey, Book 10: The Grace of the Witch (page 916) Literary Analysis SkillBuilder Epithets and Epic Similes

An epithet is a descriptive expression that provides a specific trait of an individual or thing. It can be a quick aid to characterization. A simile is a contrast in between 2 unlike things that have something in common. An impressive simile, also called a Homeric simile, is an intricate comparison that continues for a variety of lines. Legendary similes sometimes contain words such as like, as, so, or simply as. In the chart below, jot down epithets that are used to describe Odysseus and Circe in Book 10. Then discover a minimum of one legendary simile, copy it, and record the lines where it lies. Epithets|| Describing Odysseus|Explaining Circe|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Legendary Simile|Lines|||||||||||||||||||How do the epithets help you as you read the Odyssey?—————- [pic]

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