The Negative Effects of Winning the Lottery Essay

In life, individuals have a tendency to mess up a good thing while it’s going. Individuals become overwhelmed with the happiness and fulfillment and start to respond irresponsible. For example, a great thing such as winning can result into something dreadful. Winning the lottery game not only can bring joy into someone’s life, but too trigger their life to be a complete headache. When an individual goes from being significantly bad to having millions of dollars, it impacts their lives to a fantastic extent by triggering them to become unreasonable with their payouts, stopped their tasks, or just lose touch with reality.

Fact is winning unimaginable quantities of money causes unthinkable tension on lives of people not accustomed to it resulting in a favorable occasion developing into negative effects such as family problems, depression, and even the lost of somebody’s life.

When money is an element of any situation, it can become the root of all wicked and result in the damage of many. People will go to terrific steps to prosper no matter anyone impacted along the method. This is why many people turn a good idea like having a great deal of cash turn into an awful thing like being worst off than before their wealth. After winning the lottery for example, the ruinous quality of greed is typically seen in the character of a lottery game winner. They become self-centered and extreme with the desire of having and purchasing more with their profits than they have or required.

When the winner is publically developed, strangers understand who the winner is and begin to trouble them for their money. Not just is the greed of strangers a winner’s concern, even their own friends and family feel that they are worthy of a few of their money. As a result, money causes the spontaneous desire of the requirement to greed and the costs of more than individuals are worth leading to their insolvency. In society, appeal is highly preferred of lots of due to the fact that of the recognition triggers them to become absurd making ridiculous choices. As related to winning the lottery; everyone wants to be in the presents of a winner to share the exact same popularity and wealth. This effects the character of the winner since it triggers them to feel more dominate and overpowering than others.

A lottery winner will start to feel the need to flaunt their wealth since of their appeal. In result, a lottery winner will start purchasing fancy things for display screen and buying others excessively pricey presents to demonstrate how rich they are. Not considering the expense of their flashy and pricey things, can trigger a lotto winner to lose all their earnings in a matter of time. For that reason, the popularity given to a lotto winner isn’t beneficial because the fame and wealth results into dishonor and debt.

After confronted with brand-new obligations, an individual goes through become overloaded and sometimes insecure. When being a lotto winner, personal privacy becomes nonexistent due to the fact that they are now considered to be a local celeb. Being bound to maintain the responsibilities of a star puts a big concern on the life of a lottery game winner. A lotto winner will start to over analysis occasions happening and question the intents of individuals around them. They begin to constantly ask themselves, “Are people around for the best interest of them or their profits.” Much insecurity dealt with by a lottery game can result in the lost of their real character. The lotto winner starts to deserted their previous hobbies, job, and interests delegated be known as the individual who won the lottery. Their requirement to feel empowered is now effected resulting in their drive to regain their empowerment by any ways essential. Hence, people having to change their lives since of a single event can cause fantastic problem producing their unfulfilling result.

Having to keep great things can lead to a person disassociating themselves with their prior life in wish to keep the great: nevertheless, too much separation can result in unsteady choice making. A lottery winner will get extremely far-off from their previous life out of the want of a brand-new start triggering them to move away without much preparation resulting in many problems. Because a lottery game winner has all the cash they might picture, they will move anywhere of their option. Majority of lottery winners will vacate state far from their old household, pals, and previous life triggering them to become separated.

This positions a terrific pressure on the previous relationships accepted friends and family. Without much reasoning, a lottery game winner will purchase an over-priced, large house of their dreams thinking it will lead to an advantage. Nevertheless, lotto winners extremely ever consider the taxes, costs, and obligations associated with acquiring their dream house. With the little influence of their family or friends due to the fact that of the range between them, lotto winners have nobody to consult in making life altering decisions. With lack of budgeting, monetary plans, and extremely amounts of spending can result in insolvency.

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