The Lottery vs. the Most Dangerous Game

The Lottery game vs. the Most Unsafe Game

There are many contrasts and contrasts to be made between Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery game” and Richard Connell’s n he Most Harmful Video game.” The function of this paper will be to compare and contrast various elements of both these stories, but the primary focus will be on the characters and the setting. In “The Lottery’ and “One Of The Most Hazardous Game” the characters are depicted as normal humans with normal behaviors, but as both stories unfold, the characters are revealed to be wicked.

The Most Unsafe Game, by Richard Connell and The Lottery Game, by Shirley Jackson share a ommon style which is revealing the darker side of human beings, that humans have wicked propensities and that the morals of individuals can be corrupted. Connell and Jackson reveal us that injustice and ruthlessness in society can be accepted as a regular behavior. In ‘The Lottery game” the storyteller is unknown and describes the events from the outside whereas the storyteller in “The Most Unsafe Video game” is a primary character who is associated with the occasions.

In “The Lottery game’ the narrator describes the setting as a lovely, warm summertime day where the town’s individuals are gathering for what appears to be a normal social vent. The reader prepares for a positive outcome as the storyteller describes the day and the characters dispositions. Nevertheless as the story reaches its climax, the reader understands that the result is not positive at all. The winner of the lotto is to be stoned to death. The authors objective of this story shows how individuals become blind to the outcomes of their customs since of their fixation with traditions.

In Richard Connell’s, ‘One of the most Dangerous Video Game” and Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery’ the characters are depicted as ormal humans with typical behaviors, however as both stories unfold, the characters are shown to be evil with an enjoyment for murder. In ‘One Of The Most Unsafe Video game” human beings are hunted, as simple animals, to act as the ideal victim to satisfy a desire for challenge. In ‘The Lotto” the townspeople are forced to participate in a routine that will result in the death of a reluctant participant to satisfy a belief that the sacrifice of one of their own will ensure an abundant harvest.

By comparison, the aspects of violence and ruelty show the self-centeredness that is plentiful in each story. The Taking of Life for Personal Fulfillment In the ‘The Most Unsafe Game” the setting is somewhat vague in contrast to that of “The Lottery.” In this story, Rainsford is one of the two main characters. He is portrayed as an excellent male, but is also a hunter who has no compassion for the animals he kills. The other primary character is General Zaroff. He is described as having normal qualities and is also a hunter.

However as the narrator tells the story, the reader is presented to the fact hat Zaroff no longer hunts animals, however people. Because he has actually improved the hunting of animals, he now finds that hunting human beings is more pleasurable as they present more of a difficulty for him. As the story unfolds, the storyteller now portrays Zaroff as an evil, homicidal guy compared to his initial impression of him. Rainsford understands that Zaroff is going to utilize him as his next hunt. After Rainsford wearies of being Zaroffs victim, he creates a plan to eliminate Zaroff. In the end of the story, Rainsford kills his opponent.

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