The Lottery Rose Summary

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Set in Tampa, Florida, Newbery Award-winning American author Irene Hunt’s young adult unique, The Lottery Rose (1976 ), follows seven-year-old Georgie Burgess, a lonely young boy from a violent family who conceals his discomfort and anguish by retreating into the wonderful world of secret increased gardens. When Georgie wins a rosebush in a shop lotto, he starts giving everything the love and love he’s never enjoyed. The court appoints Georgie to remain in a Catholic school for kids, where he uses his newly found sense of caring in a way that permits love to bloom and his life to change for the better. The Lottery Rose has actually been called “a deeply affecting, affirmative story” by Booklist.

Narrated from rotating third person limited and third person omniscient perspectives, the story begins in Tampa, Florida. Seven-and-a-half-year-old Georgie Burgess deals with his physically violent mom, Rennie, and her violent sweetheart, Steve. Although Georgie keeps his abuse a secret, it has actually turned him into a mean troublemaker at school. Georgie typically talks back to his teacher, enters fights, and even started a fire underneath the vehicle of his first-grade instructor, Miss Cressman. Georgie has not yet learned to check out, but he finds solace by looking at books in the library with images of flowers.

One day at the regional grocery market, a clerk Mrs. Sims provides Georgie a lotto ticket. When the lotto draw occurs, Georgie is awarded a little rosebush. Delighted about his reward, he races house to look after it. At home, Georgie is outraged to find Steve, who beats Georgie with the leg of a chair. The pounding is so bad the cops come and eliminate Georgie from his dangerous environment. Georgie is sent out to stick with Mrs. Sims’s household, including her partner and their foster boy. Georgie brings his unplanted rosebush with him. As Georgie’s social worker and the judge appointed to his case find a location for the young boy to live, Georgie stresses over the health of his rosebush and locating a house for it to flourish.

Judge O’Neill designates Georgie to go to an all-boys Catholic boarding school. Georgie takes his rosebush with him. When he arrives, he chooses it belongs in the garden across the street from the school. Versus the desires of Principal Sibling Mary Angela, Georgie sneaks out one night and plants the rosebush in the garden. The following morning, the upset owner of the garden, Molly Harper, tears the rosebush out of the ground, demanding to see the principal. When Georgie returns to the garden with the bush, he recognizes that, while planting the rosebush in the dark, he mistakenly crushed the lilies that Molly’s other half had actually planted for her. Molly threatens Georgie, telling him that she will burn the rosebush if he attempts to plant it in her garden again. Nevertheless, when Molly finds the contaminated lesions on Georgie’s back resulting from years of abuse, she relents. Throughout the confrontation, Georgie faints from health problem, falling unconscious. When he concerns, Georgie is beleaguered with fever and delirium. Molly permits the rosebush to be replanted in her garden, frequently visiting Georgie as he rests and recovers. However, Georgie can not overcome Molly’s risk and declines to see her as a result.

As Georgie starts to repair, he befriends Timothy, whom Sis Mary Angela describes as her “public relations” boy. Timothy notifies Georgie that Molly’s husband and older child, Paul, just recently died in automobile mishap. As an outcome, Molly discovers it challenging to be around boys close to Paul’s age. Georgie also befriends Molly’s youngest child, Robin, who suffers severe brain damage. Molly’s father, Hugh Collier, check outs Georgie and chooses to teach him how to check out. In turn, Georgie attempts to teach the inaudible Robin to speak, joining him feeding ducks at the pond. As Georgie ends up being closer to the Harper family, he starts hanging around with their garden enthusiast, Old Eddie, as his apprentice. Still, Georgie can’t quite forgive Molly for threatening to burn his rosebush.

Sister Mary Angela holds auditions for the school choir, and Georgie is pleasantly amazed to learn he has perfect pitch. Molly and Robin go to listen to the choir. Georgie senses Molly’s sorrow and begins to feel deep compassion for her. However, Georgie declines to enroll in the drama course when he discovers Molly will be teaching it. As an option, Georgie sees every drama class from the auditorium seats, devoting each function in the play to memory. The understanding settles when a boy backs out of the play at eleventh hour and Georgie replaces him as the Mad Hatter.

Georgie plays opposite Molly, Alice in the tea ceremony section of Alice in Wonderland. While staying in character, Georgie is surprised to discover he is able to speak with Molly in a manner he might not in real life. As a result, Georgie asks Molly if she is his genuine mom. Soon after, just as Georgie feels he can forgive Molly, catastrophe strikes. One day, Robin goes to the pond alone to feed the ducks. Robin questions into the pond and drowns. Rather than in the garden in front of the Harper’s house, Georgie decides to plant his rosebush at Robin’s tomb. Molly accepts this choice. The unique ends as Georgie and Molly create a friendship through their mutual heartache.

Irene Hunt was an American kids’s author most understood for her historical novels. She was a Newbery Medal Award runner-up for her first novel, Throughout 5 Aprils, and won the award for her second novel, Up a Road Gradually. Extra works consist of Path of Apple Blossoms, No Promises in the Wind, William, Claws of a Young Century, and The Everlasting Hills.

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