“The Lottery” Analysis Essay

In paragraph 1, readers are informed that Victor lives on a booking. What details somewhere else in the story establish this setting? What associations does this setting have for you? Do you think the story could happen anywhere else? -The other information that establish this setting is when they state, “So Victor called the tribal council.” This association sets an understanding of how things work in a booking. I do believe the story might have taken place in any other appointment.

In addition to various places on the appointment, the story’s setting includes an aircraft, a trailer in Phoenix, and a roadway through Nevada.

What does each of these settings add to the story’s plot? -The various locations help the reader envision what is going on perfectly. Through each of these locations, things take place that make the story whole. It gets all of the story to come together.

Is the scene on the aircraft needed? Intrusive? Distracting? Strange? -I do think the scene on the aircraft is required since it provides a little bit of insight on Thomas and Victors relationship, which is demonstrated throughout the story.

How would you identify the story’s state of mind or environment? How do Thomas’s stories help to create this state of mind? How do they help to establish his character? Do you think the story should have included more of Thomas’s stories?– Why do you expect Victor and Thomas can not be good friends when they return to the appointment? Why are they able to be good friends when they are taking a trip to Phoenix?

Do the flashbacks to the two men’s youth add something important to the story? What purpose does the flashback serve?

In Native American culture, the storyteller holds an important position, telling tales that transmit and maintain the tribe’s basic beliefs. Do you think Thomas’s stories serve such a function? Or, do you believe that he is, as Victor identifies him, just “the crazt story-teller who talked to canines and vehicles, who listened to the wind and pine trees”

What do you believe the story’s title means?

At the end of the story, when Tomas returns house, he hears “a new story concerned him in the silence” after he closes the door. What kind of story do you think concerns him at this point?

In the introduction to a collection of Native American literature, Clifford E. Trafzer, the collection’s editor, goes over the unique attributes of Native American authors. Do you believe “This Is What It Indicates to State Phoenix, Arizona” shows the attributes Trafzer relates to Native American authors?

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