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The Lottery game

The lottery, many people are playing everything around the world. In the United States, people, who have a bit of money in their pocket, will play the lottery game. Now the lottery game has altered from a tool for financing the public to a tool for making money for the merchant. In the post” The Lotto is for Losers” by Laurence Berkeley, the author mentions, people forgot the bottom line for lottery is financing the general public, but now they just see the difficult benefit for their self. There are three bottom lines in the post.

First, lottery is not making any financial sense. Second of all, people have the herd mentality and follow others who get a clever benefit from the lotto. Lastly, winning lotto is not making any sense in truth. Lotto is a product that not making any sense for the economic. The possibility for winning the prize is very little. In a public survey by Harvard, the private investigator asks concerns to individuals who play the lotto. 75% Of individuals who participate the survey are getting nothing back by investing numerous cash on the lottery.

A few people get a percentage of repayment by invest thousand dollars annually. Now, countless people in American spend billion of dollars a year wishing to beat these chances. No one ever wins the most significant price of the lottery since it’s just not designed for winning. Even someone wins it, but it just was a small reward. Then more people begin follow the winners to participate in the lottery playing. This sort of conformist mentality advises me a Chinese news that read previously. A lady falls in the river from the edge of the river, but nobody tries to assist this lady.

Many people stand there and watch, all of them are thinking somebody will help her. When a soldier who having occupation walk by and notices what take place, only him jumps down to the river and get her back from the Grim Reaper. After he jumps down the river, people, who stand and view, begin to help. This is how the herd behavior functions in people’s mind. They think they will have a chance to catch the chances of the rate. The lottery represents individuals’s dream of endless wealth with no effort and little financial investment. It makes the dream possible even as it makes the reality impossible.

There is a Chinese news I have actually checked out previously,” Scavenger who live n flyover studies the lottery formula for three years” that appear Occupant News. It is very incredible that a guy is chasing his impractical dream. In all these three years, he left his household for studying the lottery game formula. Also, he told the reporter, he discovered the pattern of the lottery outcome, however nobody think this after the news come out. Having a dream like this is not reasonable. Individuals follow others’ step to play the lottery game who attempting to win the odds out of 1 in 14-175 million. That is not making any economic sense and is not making sense for truth.

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