The Lord of the Flies Journal Entry Chapter 2

Entry II: Day 1 Today’s events have actually left me believing a bit. After we got back from checking out the island, Ralph assembled another meeting to spread our new discoveries. We recognized everyone would not stop talking simultaneously, so Ralph decided that whoever holds the conch deserves to talk and can only be interrupted by Ralph himself.

Great idea initially, till that fat, ineffective oaf Piggy took it. He wouldn’t stop worrying and whimpering about getting rescued. Ralph stated it himself, his daddy’s a navy commander and will most likely have us rescued in a couple of days.

I do not comprehend why he doesn’t have faith in Ralph like the others. After a while, Ralph raised the fantastic idea of making a fire in order to indicate the rescuers we would be on the island. I understood there was little time to lose just sitting around, so I led the group into the forest to collect fire wood. Upon gathering wood, I was the one who developed the idea of using Fatty’s specs as burning glasses. Still, I had never envisioned that keeping a fire burning would be so tough! Later, I humbly offered the choir to maintain the fire in shifts. Everything went well till that swine Piggy chose to speak up once again.

He kept duplicating himself about how developing a fire was a bad option, even though he didn’t contribute squat to anything to begin with. Still, bigger problems emerged to eclipse his stupidity. The fire we believed had actually been put out actually spread and began burning down a chunk of the forest. To top it off, we are now missing out on a little shrimp with a mulberry-colored scar on his face. I remember him as the one who wouldn’t stop frightening others by speaking about the “beasties in the forest”. Silly kids always getting themselves into difficulty. As the leader of the hunters, I will definitely find him.

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