The Dream of Mice and Men

The Imagine Mice and Male

The dream of mice and men Everyone in this world dreams, but when dreams do not come to life why would you trouble dreaming? For most of the people dreams are the only things they have left in their lives. In Steinbeck’s book Of Mice and Men, he tells us the concept of ruined dreams through the character’s experiences revealing us that no matter how much we attempt to sacrifice to make dreams become a reality, in some cases they just simply do not come true. From the beginning of the book, Lennie and George had the American dream. We’ll have a huge veggie spot and a bunny hutch and chickens. And when it rains in the winter season, we’ll simply say hell with goin’ to work, and we’ll build up a fire in the stove and set around it an’ listen to the rain comin’ down on roofing system. Said Steinbeck in his book. In lennie’s dream he cares for the rabbits. He likes this concept because he likes to pet things and the small things he discovers as he is circumnavigating, like mice, are too quickly hurt or eliminated when he pets them greatly. Rabbits are big enough for him to look after without injuring them.

He also remembers that he used to family pet bunnies when he lived with his Aunt Clara. As George and Lennie circumnavigate they inform each other their dream as a method of dealing with the loneliness. But most men like them have something to look forward to and something to share. At the starting it seems that George and Lennie’s dream is simply an imagination that will never become a reality, however when they satisfy Sweet things change. Candy is a worker at the ranch and he has actually been there for a long time. Candy has almost enough cash to purchase a small farm.

If George and Lennie conserve their cash and do not get fired it appears that the three of them would actually be able to get their dream. Lennie’s dream likewise affects Crooks, the steady buck. Lennie shares his dream with him and for a moment even Crooks has a vision of a much better life. Lennie had his own dream without the accessory. His dream was to have a happy life, to have a rabbit of his own and likewise to live in a farm Lennie’s fixation towards bunnies and animals developed his dream and had thoughts of getting a bunny.

He constantly spoke with the animals, acted as if animals and bunnies were real. Although his dream made him pleased, he was not able to accomplish his pleased goal. Without George’s assistance, he would not even be able to look after himself and because of his mental special needs. Lennie’s dream would not provide him a much better future nor would he take advantage of his dream. The main reason that he was not able to attain his goal was since he was eliminated by his own relied on pal. The reason why George had actually killed him was because he had actually eliminated curleys wife.

When lennie was being in the barn Curley’s spouse comes to the barn and begins speaking with lennie. When later on curleys wife tells him to touch her hair because of its softness, lennie touches it and can’t stop. Curleys partner screams to let go however lennie gets scared and disappointed and can’t stop, and finally she dies. In the beginning of the book we hear it seems like an imagination. Then we hear it in the middle that it might become a reality, after we hear it again at the end when everyone’s dream has been damaged.

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