The Crucibles Monologue: Tituba

The Crucibles Monologue: Tituba

Tituba’s monologue [Taking a seat, eyes closed and hands collected, praying] “Dear divine father, I bow my head to you now, asking you for your forgiveness. I have actually devoted a grave sin even resulting in someone being executed. I wronged you dad and I should not have actually confessed to having connections with the devil. [Stand] Who knows now what the outcomes would have been if I was sincere and kept to your name until the end. The beatings and all of Mr Hale’s concerns were just excessive for me. In the end I admitted that I had connections with the devil and that he seeks me and comes to me in the evening, hoping it would all simply end.

But no, I was incorrect, they kept questioning me if the devil came with anyone else. Being baffled and frightened at the time, I could not take it any longer so I had to call them. It was Sarah Good and Sarah Osbourne, being among the bottom most rungs of society they were a simple target. Having actually been accused myself I should’ve know much better about how it felt and should not have done it. [Sighs in relief] However after having admitted and seeing Mr Hale believe me and my story, all the fear, pressure and confusion vanished and I could breathe again. Who understood that dancing in the woods would send Salem into mayhem.

If it weren’t for that lady Abigail and her damned obsession with John Proctor, I would not have actually made the appeal in the very first location. She just controlled everybody and played everyone like puppets for her own excellent. Watching her accuse people without any doubt sickened me. I only implicated individuals since I was driven by the worry of death. How can individuals think all of her stories and believe she’s as pure as white. Her heart is as dark as the cold night and her mindful is just stained with blood from all of her sins. [Raise voice] How can Mr Parris even call himself a minister? Stamp foot] He is just as twisted as Abigail and loaded with lies! He’s just a lowly coward who believes too much of his name and hesitates he’ll lose his title as minister. Even if his name was to be harmed he must have admitted about Abigail’s involvement in this, that would have settled all of this hysteria. Now that this rubbish has gone so far, what would the judges do? Would they admit to their incorrect evaluating? Even if they did what would they do about the innocent life’s that have been lost currently. [Muffle chair] On another note, how might Betty do that to me.

In the beginning when I saw her eyes look lifeless as they stared out into area. I was extremely concerned and afraid however who knew it was all just an act. How could she implicate me for witch craft too, after all those many years I served the Parris family and took care of her so a lot. [Pace the floor] I hope the reality does not come out whenever soon. I can’t start to envision what accusations will be charged versus me and the other girls. Although we deserve the punishments for the major sins we have actually dedicated. Especially because God’s biggest present, life, was taken away from numerous innocent individuals.

Working under Mr Parris and his family was like jail itself. I hope I can get away from this hypocritical town. I’ll be damned, being forced into slavery at such a young age sufficed for me! However being implicated for witch craft?! [Stamps foot in anger] Unjustified! I hope I can quickly be back at my house, Barbodos and be devoid of all this ridiculer. [Sits down, eyes closed and hands collected] Lord, please forgive my financial obligations as I concern realisation of my incorrect behaviors and sins. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the magnificence, permanently. In your name, amen.

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