The Crucible Themes — Quotes With Page Numbers

The Crucible Themes– Prices Quote With Page Numbers

The Crucible Themes Essay If you do not believe in witch hunts, that’s fine. However the idea of them is very real. The Crucible is a story that happens in Salem, Massachusetts. This small community has plenty of superstition and the towns people let their beliefs damage relationships, and lives. Arthur Miller utilizes numerous duplicating themes in the play The Crucible. There are many excellent, and bad themes that turn up throughout the play. A few of the typical styles of this story are lust, worry, and guts.

Lust is an extremely unsafe emotion. The lust that makes John Proctor have an affair with Abigail, and the lust that makes Abigail consume a beauty to kill John’s other half can be described in this quote,

“However I will cut off my hand prior to I ever reach for you again”

Arthur Miller, The Crucible Themes, Page 1140

John Proctor says this to Abigail when she is talking with him in Act I by Betty’s bedside. John has an affair with Abigail (which is a major offense for the Puritans) and Abigail still wants him.

The reality that John has an affair with Abigail is extremely essential since Abigail’s desire for John is why Abigail puts the needle in the poppet which results in Elizabeth’s arrest. Ironically, this gets John apprehended and things do not work out according to Abigail’s strategy. Lust is one of the factors that the whole witch hunt in Salem, Massachusetts begins. Fear lags numerous good and bad things. Regrettably, fear in this case produced lots of problems. Fear is worked with on a number of different levels in this play. Abigail uses other Pilat2 eoples’ worry of witches to encourage them that she is innocent. Worry is likewise what turns many individuals into liars, for they are afraid what will take place to them if they tell the fact. In this quote, stated by Paris to Tituba,

“You will confess yourself or I will take you out and whip you to your death”

Arthur Miller, The Crucible Themes, Page 1154

. This quote demonstrates how some people have no other alternatives and need to lie to conserve themselves. The other way fear operates in this play is when John Proctor overcomes his fear and does not provide into it, he dies an honorable male and does not play into Abigail’s lies.

Fear is a driving power, you end up being the person you are by how to respond to it. Nerve is the capability to know right from wrong, and to stand up for what you think in, even in the face of excellent hardship. Guts doesn’t show up too regularly in The Crucible, however it plays an important role. John Proctor is a great example of nerve. This quote, which was stated at a very climatic part of the play, highlights John’s guts to stand up for himself and secure his name,

“I am John Proctor! You will not utilize me! “

Arthur Miller, The Crucible Themes, Page 1231

He passes away a respectable death, not confessing to witchcraft and revealing a tremendous amount of guts by going to his death. Another great example of courage is Giles Corey; he neither admits to, nor denies, the charges of witchcraft. By doing so, he ensures that his boys can legally inherit his residential or commercial property. Although he is completely tortured by having crushingly heavy stones place on his chest, the only thing Giles says is

“More weight”

Arthur Miller, The Crucible Themes, Page 1127

You don’t need to be a saint to summon up guts, you just need to think you are doing the ideal thing.

Lust, fear, and nerve are abundant styles in The Crucible. These easy styles change the play drastically. Without lust, worry, and courage, there is no story. There would be no plot or enjoyment. Arthur Miller puts these styles to exceptional use and produces an excellent plot Pilat3with them. You might believe a few of the events that take place in this play are extreme, or imaginary, but they take place in this world all the time. These “witch hunts” are really, really real.

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