The Crucible, THe affects of peer pressure from one to another.

The Crucible, THe affects of peer pressure from one to another.Arthur Miller’s

play,” The Crucible, “is a terrific example of people and their battle with peer pressure. The play takes place in the town of Salem, Massachusetts, a small puritan neighborhood based upon a very severe system of truthfulness. When Reverend Parris finds some of the girls dancing in the forest around a cauldron, he thinks something is going on. Reports begin to walk around town speaking of witchcraft. These witchcraft reports finally develop the supreme black cloud over Salem, impacting everyone below it.

After the ladies are caught dancing in the woods, the reports of witchcraft are beginning to boil over in the town. The Reverend simply wants to assist the ladies. But in order to help them, they have to admit to witchery. Without a reservation Abigail Williams admits to being a witch, knowing she is not. Not only does she admit, but she makes the other girls involved confess likewise. When the other girls saw that Abigail was not being penalized for her acts, they chose to follow the leader. One by one the other girls follow her, committing a sad act of peer pressure.

However in order to be saved they have to inform the Reverend everyone in the town that was a witch. The result was a whole list of people, who were not witches, being falsely implicated. Throughout the play the women’ actions sentence innocent people to die, so they can save themselves. John Proctor, a well-respected male in the town, is accused of witchery. He is sentenced to hanging if he does not admit to witchery. He feels he would rather be hung, than filthy his name. He is asked to sign a notepad confessing to be a witch in order to conserve his life.

But instead he replied with,”Due to the fact that it is my name! Because I can not have another in my life! Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Since I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? I have actually given you my name now leave my soul!” (143) We will not sign a letter stating that he remains in reality a witch so he then hangs. John Proctor is among the couple of who does not fall to peer pressure. He means what he thinks in. One character that can not stand for anything is Mary Warren. She is the most quickly swayed character in the book.

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She is the servant for the Proctors, but is included with Abigail and the other ladies. She just as eagerly tells on other people of the town, just as the other women do. Yet John Proctor attempts to persuade her to inform the fact to the court. She goes and tries to tell the court the truth, however the other ladies switch on her and say she is a witch, and that she is coming after them. She then figures it is simpler to lie than to inform the reality, and once again is up to peer pressure. Mary Warren is not a strong character in the book at all.

Whoever she is with and whatever they tell her to do, she does it. Mary is definitely a victim of peer pressure. Giles Corey is another one of the few that does not be up to peer pressure in the book. He goes to the court proceedings to attempt to inform the judges that it is all a lie, that he and Proctor have 91 signatures stating that it is all fake. However their strategy fails. While standing in the court house arguing with the judges he states, “You’re hearing lies, lies!” (84) He is attempting to persuade everyone, however rather of everybody believing him, he is accused also, and stoned to death.

In conclusion, peer pressure is a major problem in “The Crucible.” Whether it be Abigail telling all the ladies that they better confess to witchery, or how Mary Warren is pushed into doing all sorts of things. She is not a strong adequate individual to state no. But on the other hand there is likewise John Proctor who stayed more powerful that any and didn’t admit to a lie and who stayed real to himself and others. Giles Corey likewise did the very same thing, dying for what he believed in. In this book peer pressure is a serious thing, major enough to trigger numerous to pass away.

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