“The Crucible”: Journal Project – John Proctor – Journal 1

“The Crucible”: Journal Task– John Proctor– Journal 1

Dear Diary: Today I am extremely upset with myself since my spouse Elizabeth has found out about my affair with Abigail. She was so mad, that she quickly dismissed Abigail from working at our home. Now Mary Warren works for us, but I have to continuously advise her that she can not leave our house. I told her that I would whip her if she does not obey my rules. When I saw Abigail, I informed her that I had actually made no guarantee to her throughout the affair after she declared that she waits on me during the night.

She said that I must still have feeling for her because she saw me searching for at her window. I admitted that I still had feelings for her, however that our relationship was over. Abigail buffooned my better half, so I threatened to whip her. She began weeping that I put knowledge in her heart, and she declared that I can not ask her to forget what she has learned, that is, that all of Salem operates on pretense and lies. As a crowd in the parlor was singing a psalm, Betty covered her ears and collapsed into panic at the expression “going up to Jesus” is being recited.

Parris, Grace, and the Putnam’s rush into the space and then Mrs. Putnam comes to the conclusion that Betty is bewitched and can not hear the Lord’s name without pain. I asked if Parris consulted the legal authorities or called a town meeting before he asked Reverend Hale to uncover the demons in Salem. Rebecca feared that a witch-hunt will trigger a lot more disagreements. Putnam demanded Parris to have Hale search for indications of witchcraft. I advised Putnam that he can not command Parris which Salem does not grant votes on the basis of wealth.

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Putnam replied that I must not fret about Salem’s federal government due to the fact that I have not been participating in church regularly like a good citizen. Parris states that I belonged to a group in the church conspiring versus him, however I honesty informed everybody that I do not like Parris’ authority which I would like to discover and sign up with the group versus him. After all of this commotion, Putnam chose to start arguing with me over who owned a piece of land that I have been harvesting my lumber.

He claimed that his grandpa left the tract of land to him in his will, however I bought the land from Francis Nurse. I understood the land was mine, specifically due to the fact that Putnam’s grandpa had a routine of willing land that he did not even come from him. Putnam was getting mad, and threatened to sue me for my land. Douthat, Ross and Ward, Selena. SparkNote on The Crucible. 18 Mar. 2007. Scheidt, Jennifer L., and Denis M. Calandra. CliffsNotes on The Crucible. 18 Mar 2007.

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