The Crucible: Elizabeth Proctor

The Crucible: Elizabeth Proctor

The Crucible: Elizabeth Proctor Out of all the characters, in my viewpoint, Elizabeth is the best character in the cast in the Crucible. She was a devoted spouse, a good mom, and strong in her faith/religion. Despite the fact that her hubby cheated on her she still remained faithful to him. Sure she was depressed about it, however what lady wouldn’t be when she has found her partner has cheated on her? While she was ill no less, the time John need to have been most devoted! She could’ve cheated on him, inform the town of the affair in between her other half and Abigail.

But instead kept within, in order to attempt and keep her family and her marital relationship intact. This shows she’s not truly a female to follow the whole ‘and eye for an eye’ idea. One thing I admire about her, is her mindset. She doesn’t stall; she’s straight forward and specifies. If she does not believe you, she’ll tell you so. And if you’re a harlot, such as Abigail, she will inform you best then and there. Clearly everybody in the town respects her to some noticeable degree, and she plainly had a good name amongst the town, because she has actually never lied.

When the entire town was going to insanity, each lady calling out more witnesses of who had actually written in the Devil’s book, she was among the few to really think on the scenario and question the children on their lies. Not to discuss she was not self-centered such as Reverend Paris, for she did not get involved in the experience and falsely claim others. And I’m fairly specific there was at least someone who ‘d she would wish to eliminate. Another example of her is that she’s not afraid to speak out versus the girls, most of all Abigail, on their silly lies.

She understands the town has actually gone crazy when they apprehend Rebbecca Sugar, the most purist and faithful female in the area. Elizabeth knows her true objectives and isn’t scared to call out her opinion, fact actually, about Abigail. Though in this time of panic no one really took her word. Instead they utilized it versus her at one point. Mark this, showing the town is passing by their own judgment in their newly found worry of the Devil. Once again, It is clear she had strong faith in her God, given that she had no worry when they jailed her.

It’s really something I can admire, because I have no religious beliefs, to see an individual be so faithful that they have little worry for what might face them. Obviously she need to’ve been more than a little frightened, but I make sure her faith subdued her doubt and fear for what her God might have in shop for herself along with the town. When she was contacted us to have her word about Abigail and her hubby, she might’ve told the truth about what happened between Abigail and John. Letting the entire town understand of what John Proctor had done, as well as expose Abigail for the harlot she was. Instead of the impression she had placed on as God’s holy servant.

However instead, she lied. Breaking her title of never ever depending on her life, since she understood what her partner’s name meant to him. And when Reverend Hale asked her to persuade her spouse to confess, she only informed John to do what he thought was best. Even going as far to apologizing for her habits towards him, driving John to lust after Abigail. Finally when the time came for John to admit, he tore up the confession, all for the truth it would ruin his reputation. Rather of convincing him otherwise, yell at him that he was tossing his life away, she stood by his decision. Hugging him one last time before he was sent out to be hanged.

Again, Reverend Hale begged her to encourage him to sign his name and confess. But Elizabeth understood what his decision meant to him, as well as his name. She knew and she declined to take that away from him. There are lots of things that played there part in cases lead up to the occasions in the Crucible, everybody played a part, whether they be a spectator or a primary persecutor. Though it may not appear like it, I believe Elizabeth overall was a vital character. She’s a wonderful lady, a faithful partner, and a disciple of her faith. Elizabeth might not have been the most crucial character but she certainly did leave her mark.

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