The Crucible and Integrity

The Crucible and Stability

Lea DiCocco English 11- Aurigemma The Crucible Vital Lens Essay November 1, 2010 To have integrity indicates sticking to a stringent moral or code, being concentrated, completeness, or being truthful with yourself. Having stability is doing what you say you are going to do and thinking in what you say. If you proceed and do something else, possibilities are that you lack stability. For example, you value sincerity in a person, however when they tell you their sincere opinion about something, you become upset. This reveals an absence of integrity. Integrity is necessary to a person since it leads to high self-confidence and self respect.

If you can not appreciate yourself, and you can not trust yourself, then how can you anticipate others to trust and regard you? “Absolutely nothing is at last spiritual but the integrity of your own mind.”– Ralph Waldo Emerson. To me, this means that the only thing that keeps somebody from reaching their capacity is the strength of their mind. Emerson believed the weak minded were destined to stop working unless they might train their mind. In life, the only person that you truly require to make delighted is yourself. If you lose sight of who you really are, then you have absolutely nothing to live for.

Nobody will have the ability to respect you if you can not respect yourself. I agree with this quote for a few reasons. I have the ability to have a high level of regard for others who show their sincerity which belive in what they say. I am likewise a really truthful person with high self respect. This makes me seem like a stronger individual overall. There are examples of stability and an absence of integrity in the play, The Crucible. John Proctor, a strong however unfaithful farmer, shows personal integrity. When informed he will be hung for an accusation of adultery, he does not lie to save his own life.

Instead, he remains true to his beliefs and informs the reality, which gets him eliminated. This shows how being true to one’s self can be so crucial to someone. Abigail Williams, a weak, manipulative, liar, does not portray stability. Rather, she lies to save her own life. When she has the chance to admit she is playing a joke, she does not take it. She continues to implicate other female of witchcraft, which keeps her from being hanged. This shows how self respect can mean nothing to people in desperate times. Stability can be displayed in lots of literary elements such as paradox.

An example of this is when Elizabeth Proctor tells the court that John did not sleep with Abigail when she understands that he really did. Elizabeth can be viewed as an honest lady with a high level of integrity, but this shows otherwise and is a total shock to John and the reader. Elizabeth felt that it was totally required to lie to save her partners life. Nevertheless, this is not what John wants her to do. He continues to tell the fact and is finally hanged. This demonstrates how easy it is for someone to lose their integrity when confronted with a situation that is uneasy to deal with.

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Integrity can likewise be seen through tone. A serious tone can be used to this, when individuals’s lives are at stake. Abigail and her lack of integrity are an example of how other’ lives are unimportant. Abi knows that her lies about witchcraft have actually gone too far, but she can not admit it. She is extremely effective in controling the court, which shows that she has no respect for herself. When she is lastly discovered to be a phony, she leaves town since she knows she will no longer be appreciated by others. She lied for her own individual gain, however in the end might not be trusted.

This demonstrates how the weak minded eventually fall in the end. Stability is the adherence to moral and ethical principles, strength of ethical character, and sincerity. The Crucible exposes this integrity through lots of literary components. John Proctor has stability and shows this through his choice to remain true to himself rather of saving his own life. Abigail lacks integrity and selects her life over her self respect. Stability of the mind is very important if you wish to have regard for yourself and have others regard you.

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