Proctor in the Crucible

the crucible

Closson 1 Todd Closson English 8/24/14 The Crucible Society trusts those that conform, and suspects those that do not. One advantage of complying with societies expectations is that you get trust from society. People who don’t adhere aren’t trusted. One disadvantage is that you join the group, so you’re not technically an individual any longer in your own right. In the unique The Crucible, Arthur Miller discusses the causes of hysteria, mob mindset, scapegoating by revealing the conflicts within a society. Hysteria was a significant factor in the many allegations of witchcraft that happened throughout The Crucible. Hysteria is an overwhelming fear and excitement that overrides all logic, and is frequently improved and heightened by the presence of others who are acting out on that fear. The Crucible handle a neighborhood that is ostensibly knit securely, nevertheless. As soon as the allegations of witchery start, fear and suspicion sweep the town like a wild fire. When hysteria and hidden agendas break down the social structure, sincerity can not be trusted. The church protests the devil, yet at the very same time it protests such things as dancing and premature acts.

The credibility of the household is extremely essential to the members of the community; when the ladies were captured dancing they lied to safeguard not just themselves, however their family name. The unusual was caused by the devil, so some members of the community utilized the unexplained to their benefit. They women declare that the devil took them over and affected them to dance; they likewise stated they saw members of the town standing with the devil. In Act 1 under pressure from Parris and Hale, Tituba names 2 ladies as witches recommended by Mr. Putnam “And I look and there as Goody Good”(Miller 50), and she then added “Aye, sir, and Goody Osburn”(Miller 50). These types of reports went on because individuals didn’t want any blame to be put to them. Salem’s hysteria makes the community lose faith in the spiritual belief are strictly attempting to implement. Mob mindset is a large disorderly crowd of people. The negatives of mob mentality are normally brought on by the failure of management and individuals letting themselves do whatever they feel like without thinking of the effects. In The Crucible the character that shows most significant signs of mob mentality would be Abigail, who is Parris’s niece. She shows mob mindset in a scene which is in Act 2; Elizabeth states “The Deputy Guv guarantee hangin’ if they’ll not admit, John. The town’s gone wild, I believe. She mentions Abigail, and I thought she was a saint, to hear her. Abigail brings the other girls into the court, and where she strolls the crowd will part like the sea for Israel. And folks are brought before them, and if they scream and shout and fall to the floor-the person’s clapped in the prison for bewitchin’ them” (Miller 52/53).

There are numerous examples of how people act during a riot, but not a great deal of examples of how individuals avoid and get away mobs. To leave it you need to not fall under the traps mobs hold. One can Closson 2 be not following what others are doing around you. Mobs take its victims and take their honesty, individuality and the right to act in a meaningful way away. The scapegoats are everybody who is implicated of witchcraft. They blame bad things that take place in the world on these individuals, instead of facing the facts that bad things do exist. John

Proctor, the local farmer, served as a scapegoat in the town of Salem in an effort to conserve himself along with his partner, Elizabeth, from hanging. The town members and court officials used Proctor’s situation and made the most of him in order to preserve their own reputations. Proctor’s troubles were seen when he made the decision to inform the court of his relationship with Abigail Williams, his previous servant, and when he admitted to witchery that he had not dedicated. Although all of the court authorities appeared to benefit from Proctor and his scenario, Parris learly is the most conceited, as his life and profession seem to rely on the actions of John. Proctor’s first decision to function as a scapegoat was made in order to compromise Abigail’s power within the court, for Elizabeth had actually been wrongly accused of sending her spirits upon Abigail. Although he knew that the people within the court would frown upon him for his sin of committing infidelity, he had to provide some details to weaken the girls’ power, because Mary Warren, his servant at that time, had actually just turned on him. After Proctor confessed to the court of their elationship, Danforth, the judge, questioned if Abigail denied what had actually been stated. Her reaction was that “if I must answer to that, I will leave and I will not return again” (Miller 111) which offered the judge the impression that they had certainly devoted lechery. This action alone could not show Elizabeth’s innocence. Danforth bought Elizabeth to inform the court of all that she was aware of in between her hubby and Abigail. The court concurred that if Elizabeth acknowledged that Proctor had actually committed lechery, These witchcraft trials were traditional examples of mass hysteria, mob mentality and capegoating. They result in the hanging and ruthless deaths of many credible individuals based upon the charges or convictions of transactions with the devil. The people who convicted them were as upright as themselves to admit to their own misbehaviors. These convictions were mostly based on the proof of young girls who had been caught dancing in the moonlight and laid their immoral habits to the influence of Satan and witchcraft. Innocent people are accused and convicted of witchcraft on the most ridiculous and unjustifiable testimonies in Salem based on simple “supernatural” proof.

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