The Crucible: Significance of the Scene in Between Elizabeth and John Proctor?

The Crucible

What is the significance of the scene in between Elizabeth and John Proctor? What does it expose about their relationship and about their characters? The significance of the scene is that Elizabeth asks John questions when he gets home late and she shows him no affection like if she does not really trust him any longer. It reveals that their relationship no longer has trust. Why do you believe Miller would include such a discussion? Miller included the discussion to expose John Proctor of his infidelity. What does Elizabeth motivate John to do?

Elizabeth encourages John to call Abby a slut and end the promise that Abby feels she has with him. Discuss Elizabeth’s declaration: “John, if it were not Abigail that you must go to hurt would you falter now? I believe not?” and describe John’s reaction. Elizabeth desired John to tell the town that Abigail is involved in witchcraft however John tells Elizabeth that he will think of it so Elizabeth gets furious due to the fact that she thinks that he does not want to do it due to the fact that he still cares about Abigail. What is the gift Mary Warren gives to Elizabeth?

Mary Warren offers Elizabeth poppet. What info does Mary Warren offer about the trial? What function is she playing at the trial? Why does John forbid her from attending? Mary says that in the trial people that are innocent were being implicated of witchcraft which Elizabeth’s name was pointed out which means that she is likewise being accused. Mary was playing the function of an accuser however John forbids her from attending due to the fact that john doesn’t think in the requirement of the trials. The number of individuals have been detained for witchcraft at this point? 9 individuals were now implicated Mary Warren tells Proctor that those implicated will not hang if they do something- what is it that they must do? They must lie Explain why Mary Warren thinks Elizabeth should speak civilly to her? Since Elizabeth’s name was discussed as a suspect of witchcraft and Mary Warren defended her. Why does Rev. hale pertained to the Proctor’s home? What does this scene reveal about Hale’s role in the path? Rev. hale went to the Proctor’s house after Elizabeth name was discussed in the court to ask concerns of why they have not gone to church.

This scene exposes that Hale is trying to collect info to find out who is involved In witchcraft. What does Proctor inform Hale about why the kids were ill? How does he claim to understand? Proctor tells Hale that the children were not ill since of witchcraft, that their illness had something to do with them trying to stay out of difficulty and he declares to know since Abigail told him. What is the point of the discussion between Hale and the Proctors about whether or not they think in witches?

Due to the fact that given that Elizabeth’s name was mentioned in court and the Proctor’s have not been attending church Hale is attempting to investigate if they have something to do with the witchcraft. What event begins to change Hale’s viewpoint about the arrests? How does he feel about the court? Mary Warren began to implicate Abigail and the women and then they begin yelling about how Mary is bewitching them. Hales viewpoint changed after that and he gets disgusted and stopped believing what the church is doing. Who do you believe implicated Elizabeth and why?

I believe Abigail implicated Elizabeth given that she wants to have John Proctor. Which of the 10 Commandments does Proctor forget? The seventh rule that says individuals should not devote adultery. How are these two ideas linked: 1) Walcott buying a pig. 2) Martha Corey being accused of witchcraft. Martha Corey was accused for bewitching Mr. Walcott’s pigs so that they can not live any longer than four weeks. Describe the allusion that Proctor makes no Pontius Pilate. When Proctor says this he is speaking with reverend Hale and Elizabeth was arrested.

What does Proctor want Mary Warren to do after Elizabeth is apprehended? What is her response to this? Proctor informs Mary that she needs to testify in court that she made the doll and put the needle in it and testify against all the had ladies. Mary sobs and states that she can not because Abigail would eliminate her. What do we learn more about Mary Warren’s intentions at the end of the act? Why did she give the poppet to Elizabeth? We discover that Mary Warren is scared of Abigail and the whole time she was on Abigail’s side that’s why she offered the poppet to Elizabeth.

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