The Catcher in the Rye – Holden Character Paper Essay

A common concern asked considering that J.D Salinger composed and published the book The Catcher in the Rye is, is Holden Caulfield a considerate or unsympathetic character is he a lead character or a villain? I believe Holden is a considerate character that just has an unusual way of revealing his sensations and might have emotional and psychological issues. Despite the fact that Holden has actually had problems revealing himself and a couple of setbacks in life that does not make him an unsympathetic or an evildoer.

Personally, I think Holden simply is literate and wasn’t scared to speak his mind although a few of the unfavorable things he would say would surpass the positive things he stated and most readers would focus or keep in mind the bad things. In this paper I will reveal everybody Holden’s emotional side and supportive elements on life.

For example one case, where Holden reveals plenty of sympathy and makes you feel sympathetic for him at the same time is whenever Holden talks about his younger brother Allie.

Allie Caulfield, Holden’s more youthful sibling passed due to Leukemia in Maine on July 18, 1946. Allie was a very important person in Holdens life and I would think that he was Holdens most favorite individual on the planet. Holden would always speak so extremely of Allie. I check out Holden state more favorable things about Allie in one paragraph than he stated about whatever else really in the rest of the book.” God he was a great kid though.” (Pg. 38) The death of Allie seems to be the main reason why Holden remains in this state of depression and I feel if Allie lived a lot of aspects and events in Holdens life would’ve been different. For an assignment Holden was providing for his roomie Stradlater he explained about among Allies old baseball gloves, which reveals his intelligence and uniqueness.

After Allies passing Holden seemed to have despaired in himself and everyone around him which can just make you sympathize for the passing of someone so close to him. Throughout the book Holden provides some quite unforgettable quotes on his life without Allie, which shows true compassion.” I oversleeped the garage the night he died, and I broke all the goddam windows with my fist, just for the hell of it.”(Pg. 39)

This shows how Holden had compassion for Allie and missed him so terribly and he is an understanding person however simply does not know how to reveal it. “Boy I felt miserable. I felt so depressed you can’t imagine, what I did, I began talking, sort of aloud, to Allie.”(Pg. 98) This once again reveals Holdens sympathy for himself and creates the emotion of compassion from you to Holden. Likewise this quote shows that Holden does not understand how to reveal his anger.” However I keep considering it anyway, when I get extremely depressed”. (Pg. 98)

When again you cant aid but pity the kid he cant get his sibling Allies death out of his mind and he does not know manage it possibly Holden requires a psychiatrist to assist manage his feelings.” I can still like him though cant I?”(Pg. 171) In this quote Phoebe informed Holden he could not like Allie if he’s dead but he still feels that even though Allie is dead he can still like and speak about him. Finally in all of Holdens Allie recommendations in the book was “Allie do not let me disappear. Allie do not let me disappear.”(Pg. 171) Holden would talk to Allie whenever he required assistance or felt struggling about something like Allie was rather his guardian angel.

Individuals may have a common assumption that Holden only reveals sympathy when it pertained to a sensitive topic like his bro but that’s not real. Holden showed sympathy in other aspects of life obviously not as much but he still shows his supportive side.” People never discover anything”. (Pg. 9) Even when Holden attempts to show sympathy or does something positive nobody ever notices anything.

” She thanked me and all when I had it tightened for her. She was a very great, polite little kid.” (Pg. 119) This shows Holden’s sympathy for little kids like how he simply tightened up a shoe for a little girl which an easy considerate gesture. “Don’t ever tell anyone anything. If you do, you begin missing everyone”. (Pg. 214) This last quote sort of summarize everything Holden is understanding but has trust concerns.

In conclusion Holden Caulfield is a sympathetic character that just has a strange way of expressing his sensations and might have psychological and mental issues. Holden does have problems psychologically so he does have problems revealing himself however that doesn’t suggest he isn’t understanding. In some cases not only with Holden however in all of our lives our negativity mostly surpasses our positivity. But if you have a various outlook on Holdens life you see he was a very understanding character. In this paper I have showed you Holdens emotional and considerate side.

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