Tactics Used by Napoleon and Squealer in Novel Animal Farm

Methods Used by Napoleon and Squealer in Novel Animal Farm

In the unique ‘Animal Farm’ a socialist concept is initially revealed in Old Major’s speech to the animals of the farm. Socialism is a political system where wealth is shared similarly in between individuals and positioning the ownership and control toddler capital, land and production in the hands tooth community as a whole. This was a utopian socialist dream that was eventually abolished by political strategies implemented by Napoleon, with the support of Squealer and the other pigs in order to make room for their own utopia of having total control over the farm.

Among the essential tactics that Napoleon utilized was manipulation of the animals. He controls by making his lies believable He utilizes Squealer as his weapon of cunningness to convince the animals so that they don’t question his doings. As it is described in the book the animals on the farm are not quite as brilliant as the pigs. Squealer uses this to his advantage since they will believe or do anything that the pigs inform them to do, believing it’s appropriate because the pigs state so.

Napoleon handled to change many things on the farm worrying spiritual events or actions like the Sunday meetings and the singing Of ‘Monsters f England’. He sends out squealer who utilizes the power of the word to manipulate the animals and encourage them it’s for their own great. For instance, Napoleon purchased that from now on ‘Beasts of England’, which was considered as the soul of the rebellion, hall be replaced. Squealer justified that by saying that it was the song of the rebellion and now the rebellion is completed.

Propaganda is another tactical method used generally by the ‘silver-tongued’ pig Squealer. He abuses language to validate Napoleon’s actions and policies in 2 methods. By simplifying engage he limits space for debate, for example when he teaches the sheep to bleat “4 legs great, 2 legs much better!” By making complex language, he confuses and frightens the uneducated, therefore reinforcing the tact that the pigs are the ‘brainteasers’ of the farm.

This strategy uses complicated vocabulary and false data to increase the feeling of self-doubt amongst the animals. Squealer also manages to convince his audience with rhetorical concerns. Napoleon uses intimidation as a control tool over the animals on the farm. He never reveals interest in the strength of Animal Farm itself, just on the strength of his power over it. He trains a litter of puppies to become his own private army or secret authorities to enforce his violent will on others.

Napoleon and Squealer also utilize Jones to spread fear amongst the animals. Whenever Squealer feels that his reason is not good or that the animals are trying to question Napoleon, he sidetracks them by attending to Jones, their greatest fear. For instance, when Napoleon utilized force to take over leadership and kicked Snowball out, Squealer made sure that he animals would never compassion with Snowball by saying “one incorrect action and our opponents would be upon us, undoubtedly associates you don’t desire Jones to come back? No animal would speak or complain after this since they hesitate and therefore will obey without question. Through making use of control, propaganda and intimidation Napoleon managed to turn a dream of a working and sustainable socialist suitable into a headache of worry, confusion and thirst for power. His thought off ‘perfect’ ideal is practically completely opposite and can be seen as totalitarianism.

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