Summery of Mice and Men

Summery of Mice and Male

Of Mice and Men In the book of Mice and Guy there was an unbreakable relationship brought to an end by a single action. George and Lennie had together for a long time and have actually been through a lot. They went through life when nothing however a dream of having something much better. Actions made if really difficult to live. This relationship was held together by a dream but torn apart by actions. The conclusion is that every action as an opposite and equal response. George was constantly there to assist Lennie through his awkwardness of being slow and big.

George ends up being irritated at Lennie for eliminating the mouse and yet turns around and brushes it off as trivial so Lennie doesn’t feel so bad. George also holds some animosity towards Lennie because of Lennies actions. He looses George jobs and cash continuously needing to carry on to another place. He states this in the words of Steinbeck (11 ). His anger leaves him unexpectedly and then feels ashamed, since he understands he requires to take care of George for auntie Clara has asked him to. George and Lennie had an imagine owning their own farm.

Lennie had his hopes and dreams set upon taking care of the bunnies on the farm. According to Steinbeck he composes “if I get in any trouble, you aint going to let me tend the bunnies” (30 ). Lennie is stressed that when he does do something wrong George won’t let him have his dream of tending to the bunnies. It assists him to hold onto a dream for the future and to attempt and keep him on the straight and narrow. Lennie does not comprehend that his actions are not taken the way he suggests them.

In the unique “Of Mice and Guy” the character of Lennie has his actions misunderstood like the following quotes from the book, “Just wanted to feel that girls dress just wanted to pet it like it was a mouse-( 11 ), he loomed down at her, and thoroughly he eliminated his hand from her mouth and she lay still. “I do not wish to hurt you” he stated, “however George’ll be mad if you shout” (91 ). He just indicated to quiet her just like he just implied to touch the gown because it was soft like a mouse.

In the book of Mice and Men many action brought in the end of George and Lennies dream and friendship. The actions of Lennie could no longer be postponed or controlled by George. Lennie required to be in an unique location and George could not supply that for him at the time the book was written in the 1930’s. Lennies actions caused George to respond in a way that he dreaded and yet saw no other way to manage them at the time … for that reason; every action triggers an opposite and equal reaction. Today the result would have been really different … or would it have been?

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