Summary – of Mice and Men

Summary– of Mice and Men

Steinbeck, John. Of Mice and Male. New York: Penguin Books, 1965, 107 pages This is a book that occurs throughout the latter phases of prohibition and the anxiety era. It centers on the pursuit of the American dream. There were numerous who imagined having it, however only 2 guys attempted to start the journey. The two farm workers seemed to be on a long-lasting mission to have the objective of lots of others, throughout that period. As, the guys browse through the affairs of life, the pursuit of the American dream takes many twists and turns. It is a lifelong struggle for the characters; as they fall short the prize.

The guys experience, one pit fall, after another. However, absolutely nothing could have prepared them for what fate seems to have planned for them. The novel centers on, two men and their purpose of life. George was a small man who cursed a lot, although he was rather amusing. He appeared to have a sixth sense, about individuals he came across. His life was devoted to the pursuit of the American dream “he desired a plot of land to call his own,” and the care of his lifelong friend. Lennie is psychologically challenged and simple of speech. He possesses a big frame and has the strength of many males.

Lennie was not knowledgeable about his strength, due to his impairment. He also wanted a piece of the American dream. “He wanted a plot of land to call his own,” so he might raise rabbits. There were many supporting characters, which assist form the unique and bring a sense of mystery and intrigue. A lot of these characters shared the common style of the unique, which is the pursuit of the American dream. The dream was within the reach of many, however appeared far. These characters had a goal, however they did not have a plan to achieve that goal. The one in charge was mean and his child was even meaner.

The boss’ kid name was Curley; he had a chip on his shoulder. He did not like Lennie, because he was a huge man. Curley was married and his partner had the eye for the ranch workers. She is flirtatious, and her flirting would cause her unfortunate death. The supporting characters were: Sweet, Slim, Curley, Curley’s partner, Crooks, and Carlson. George and Lennie have actually been lifelong buddies. George guaranteed Lennie’s, Aunt Clara that he would look after him. Lennie was the victim of numerous tricks, as they were maturing. George recognized that Lennie was very gullible and decided not to play tricks on him any longer, due to the fact that Lennie could injure himself.

The two males are dealing with a job in Weed. Lennie gets into difficulty with a female. She accuses him of attempting to rape her. A lynch mob is formed, George and Lennie run away. The 2 men wind up in an area south of Soledad, seeking their next place of employment. George and Lennie get off the bus and walk the rest of the method. It is nearly night fall, so they choose to camp out in the brush. Fate would have the 2 men visit this location, once again. George likes the secluded area and asks Lennie to return there, if he ever entered difficulty. George knew that Lennie constantly handles to get himself into problem.

They get to the ranch with aspirations of making adequate money to get a plot of land to call their own. The 2 guys would work, rest and resume work at their discretion, because they would own the land. The dream of owning land is what fueled the men work day after day. Lennie was left at the ranch alone, and handles enter into difficulty. George and the other men decided to take part in some activities. Lennie remained in the barn distress over a mistake he simply devoted. He mistakenly eliminates his pet pup and he understood that George would be mad. Curley’s flirty wife strolls into the barn and attempts to seduce Lennie.

He rejects her, however her beauty is too much for Lennie to manage. He succumbs to her coy habits. She chooses to shut-down her appeal. Lennie was conquered with feeling and couldn’t control himself. Curley’s spouse starts to shriek. Lennie wants to silence her, so he does not enter into problem with George. He unintentionally eliminates the female and partially buries her in the hay. He flies to a predestined location and awaits George’s arrival. George is faced with a choice that will shatter his world and ultimately trigger him to give up on his lifelong dream. Candy shows George the dead body, and now he has a choice to make.

Will he leave the cattle ranch, go meet Lennie and runaway together, like they performed in Weed or tell the males, that it was Lennie who eliminated Curley’s other half and enable him to be lynched. George has to safeguard himself, because everybody would think that he was apart of the murder and he would be jailed or lynched too. George believes that the males will track down Lennie, lynch him and not give him a fair trial. George might not imagine this happening to his lifelong friend. He had to do something to protect the stability of his friend. He chose that he will kill Lennie himself, and protect him from the lynch mob.

The scene in the novel goes cycle. It began, in Soledad and ends in Soledad. George and the lynch mob search a wooded location for Lennie. George understands where Lennie is concealing. He goes ahead of the men to satisfy Lennie, because he has another strategy in mind. George discovers Lennie sitting on the riverbank and kills him before the lynch mob gets here. I do not read novels, due to the fact that I am not a fast reader; I have decided that if I am going to put in the time to read something, it is going to be a self-help book. This is the very first novel that I have read in years; my guess would be twenty-five years.

The book held my interest, it was full of intrigue. I was shocked at my desire to read more and more of the book. I discovered myself at times not wanting to put the book down. I like the author’s ability to draw the reader into the book as he explains the settings and characters with excellent detail. I felt, as if I was actually living throughout the age described in the book. As I check out the novel, I started to establish feelings for the characters. I desired desperately for them to achieve their goals or dreams. The result or conclusion of the novel saddened me.

I enjoy delighted ending and this book’s ending was far from happy. I started to practice meditation, on whether I must read the novel, once again. I couldn’t help, however to think that possibly I didn’t read the entire book (I could have skipped over pages, without knowing it). If I check out the novel once again, possibly the ending would alter and simply, possibly, the guys would have their dreams. I pondered and stated to myself-hey, this is America; we constantly have a pleased ending. I check out the book again, and was a lot more distraught by the outcome. I acquired brand-new discovery, the 2nd time I check out the novel. I understood that he males’s lives were even more destructive, than I had actually thought at first. George and Lennie desired a plot, so they could “live off the fatta the lan.” Was this too much to ask? I started to question, and make contrasts in my own life. George eliminated the dream; Candy wished to hang onto the dream of owning land even though he understood Lennie wouldn’t be around to possess it with him and George. He inquired of George, about moving on. George mentioned, “I think I understood from the extremely initially. I believe I understood we ‘d never do her.” I think that George, never ever truly believed he would achieve his dream.

He gave up without a fight. He could have pressed on regardless of the obstacles that stood in his method. He and Candy might have gotten the dream, together. Individuals, throughout the depression age, quit on their dreams prematurely. They were within reach, however for numerous reasons; they fail to achieve them. The characters, in the book, all had dreams or goals of living a better lifestyle. We can draw this conclusion, due to the fact that they were used and didn’t live as tramps or hoboes. Although, being employed, much of them wanted to achieve greater success, however suffering fell on them, and crushed their hope.

Being a drifter or loner is a tough life. The farm employees didn’t have numerous chances at success. The dropping economy appeared to be an opponent of their success. The unemployment rate was high and droughts were debilitating. All these things caused them to lose focus. The times haven’t changed much, because the anxiety period. Individuals of today are still quiting their dreams for the very same factors. The economy, agricultural problems, alcoholism, divorce, lack of inspiration and failure to execute a blueprint for achieving their dreams, are a few of the significant challenges in the course of success.

The jails and streets are filled with people who have big dreams. They let the affairs of life or external situations dictate the path they take a trip in life. I admire the author’s ability to create a classic novel. This book will continue to develop debate and motivation, as long as, there are difficult times, and people with dreams. The characters in the novel didn’t have to stop working at life, all they needed was encouraging. Life is not a 10 round fight. It isn’t over, till you say it’s over. Life is going to knock you down; if it knocks you down even times, get up 7 times. Everyone experiences challenge or something that might make them lose the battle. The characters, in the unique, and numerous characters these days, do not realize-the fight is fixed and they’re favored to win. If I said it was going to be easy, that would be a lie. Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner, is failure and you’re in the other corner. Failure is a deserving challenger, but he is no match for you. The American dream is within reach of the people, today; much like it was within the reach of individuals who lived during the early 1900’s.

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