Sociology and Lord of the Flies

Sociology and Lord of the Flies

Alienation, out group, initiation rites, hunting and gathering, oligarchy, union, power, authority, obedience, discovery, development, culture shock, deviance, standards, values, machismo– all of which are discovered in the paragraph listed below. Lord of the Flies not only acts as a fantastic maturing tale however also presents lots of sociological concepts that can be exposed through the plot and characters within the movie/book. Like any maturing tale there are rites of passage in which the young boys experience to mark their pass into the adult years and a brand-new discovered maturity.

Regrettably for much of the boys this mark into their adult years does not come until the end of movie and even then the kids have acted extremely immature when faced with such adult issues in a challenging scenario; however at least have gotten a sense of manhood by enduring the entire ideal. Throughout this experience and this “mock” rite of passage the kids experience alienation while being on an island. Alienation is the condition of estrangement or dissociation from the surrounding society. Alienation not just occurs to the young boys as a whole however also to Piggy who is ostracized and made fun of by the majority of the kids.

This can be seen in another sociological concept referred to as an out group. Piggy enters into the out-group just since he does not harmonize the other boys and the recently formed society that has actually developed. Due to the alienation from the outdoors world the boys form a union in where there typical goal was to make it through long enough to be saved. The young boys have been forced to become a searching and event society due to the fact that the island and its natural deposits are what the boys learn to endure on. Due to the searching gathering atmosphere the boys had to adapt in numerous other methods to over come the serious culture shock they were experiencing.

They were in a tossed into a situation and ended up being puzzled as to how one should act in this new and weird place/situation. They were required to use sociological ideas of discovery and innovations to produce things like the conch shell to fit their every day lives. Another type of society in which the young boys produce is an oligarchy society in where a couple of individuals rule the society. In this case the hunters end up being the oligarchy due to jack’s management and force. Both Jack and Ralph experienced the sociological ideas of power, authority, and obedience.

Ralph showed initial power when being chosen and had the ability to control the recently formed society however deviance took place where the new set standards and worths were not being followed. Few negative sanctions were made against Jack and the hunters so they ended up being in power and exercised their authority over others triggering the boys to be loyal to them (the hunters). This then ended up being a complete out fight to safeguard and prove the young boys masculinity (sociologically this is called machismo). Lord over the flies exhibits all these sociological concepts and more, while making them apply completely in regards to the medium in which they are shown in the motion picture.

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