Should Lord of the Flies Be Banned? Only One Arguement.

Should Lord of the Flies Be Banned? Just One Arguement.English Debate 2011-2012 Should Lord of the Flies Be Prohibited From Chisago Lakes High School? Argument # 1 Peer Pressure By: Elizabeth Gornik We’re sitting here talking, in Mr. Scharnberg’s first hour English class at Chisago Lakes High School, about how this traditional book “Lord of the Flies “by William Golding impacts our daily lives. Half of the space thinks it’s a life lesson and should be continued in our education curriculum and the other half thinks its sending out a horrible message to our society and should be permanently prohibited from our school. I think that it’s an educational book and must continue to be taught; it’s a terrific read and has actually altered my outlook on things in life. For the other half of you I comprehend where you people are originating from, this book has sexual references, its violent and makes fun of disabled people; but you have to look past that and see the deep significance in the gory paragraphs. In our lives we deal with lots of obstacles; among the huge problems is peer pressure. All of us face it in high school, drugs, sex, parties, alcohol, skipping school, etc. The dictionary meaning of peer pressure is impact from members of one’s peer group. Lord of the Flies is an ideal of example peer pressure; it demonstrates how everybody cracks under pressure

. Options they make are determined by the adjustment and domination of their more effective friends. The littl ‘uns are faced with pressure due to the fact that they don’t exactly understand what’s going on, they entire lives they have actually been supported by their households and didn’t have to worry about seeing tomorrow’s daytime. Now they need to depend on boys two times their age due to the fact that everybody else is and they don’t understand how to look after themselves. Another scenario is when ll the young boys first fulfilled and everybody was teasing Piggy and calling him” Fatty “, Ralph chose to be part of the enjoyable and giggles and tell everyone Piggy’s secret label to feel part of the crowd. Later on in the book the more Ralph recognizes that Piggy was his one, true pal. Towards completion of the book Samneric were pushed into signing up with Jack’s tribe by threatening them. They end up signing up with to conserve their lives. This book clearly reveals that how they’re acting is influenced by the things that they have actually gone through, the environments is what affected them, not a book. Think of it, Jack ended up being consumed with hunting since that’s all he might do to entertain himself. When teens and kids even adults are bored they tend to experiment things such as drugs, sex, alcohol. If

you’re not keeping yourself hectic and hanging around the wrong individuals, eventually you get affected to do things you will be sorry for performing in the future. Also, it reveals that the effects of our mistakes, it does not encourage us to do the same. If you really believed deep about the text and not simply surface area through the offensive scenarios, you simply might see what I see, a life lesson that each and every one of us need to learn.

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