Romeo and Juliet Production Paper

Romeo and Juliet Production Paper

Romeo and Juliet Production Paper The play, “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare, is a play about the love of two youths from different households. These two households are major enemies, which in the end accounts for the death of the 2 enthusiasts, with a couple of other casualties along the way. In the exposition of the play, we discover that the play is occurring in the city of Verona and we find out about some of the characters. The exposition happens in the streets of Verona, when two feuding households have a fight in the street.

The audience learns that these 2 families, the Montague’s and Capulet’s, are opponents. They have a major battle scene between the two households till they are separated by the queen. The queen states that if there is ever a battle once again, then their lives will pay the surrender. The prompting incident of the play takes place not long after the exposition, when Romeo sees Juliet at the ball at the Capulet household. This is the prompting occurrence because it starts the central conflict of the story. When Romeo sees Juliet at the ball he immediately falls in love with her.

He asks somebody who she is, however this person does not understand. He ends up being transfixed and moves through the crowd. He chooses to approach her and he grabs her hand and talks to her. They kiss and then the nurse comes over and informs Juliet that her mom, who Romeo later on finds to be Woman Capulet, wants to see her. This ravages him and later on Juliet when she learns that Romeo is a Capulet. The 2 belonging to each other’s enemy family is the central conflict of the story. The increasing action of the play continues after the prompting incident when the terrace scene happens.

It starts taking the main conflict and complicating it by the introduction of more related secondary disputes. During this scene, Romeo, who is on the ground outside Juliet’s balcony and Juliet, who is basing on her balcony, proclaim their love for each other. Romeo climbs the wall to get closer to her and they continue professing their love for each other. They choose to get married and plan it out. Whatever is working out up until Romeo’s Juliet’s cousin Tybalt approaches Romeo wishing to battle. Romeo will not battle him because he is Juliet’s cousin, so Romeo’s friend

Mercutio decides to step in. When they combat, Romeo tries to break them up, however Tybalt winds up eliminating Mercutio. This causes Romeo to be exceptionally upset and aim to get revenge on Tybalt for killing his buddy. Romeo then fights and eliminates Tybalt. After Romeo kills Tybalt, he flees the city prior to the queen shows up and declares that Romeo is gotten rid of from the city. Romeo then slips over to see Juliet for another night, however has to leave right before early morning so that he is not seen. When Romeo leaves, Juliet discovers that her moms and dads are making her marry a guy named Paris.

This upsets her so she goes to Friar Lawrence saying that she is going to kill herself. Friar Lawrence then creates a strategy that results in the climax of the play. Friar Lawrence’s strategy is for Juliet to take a drug that will cause her to seem dead for 42 hours, which will cause her household to put her in her tomb. The Friar will send Romeo a letter letting him learn about what is taking place and he can meet her at her burial place when she wakes up and they can remove together. Juliet takes the drug and everyone thinks that she is dead, including Romeo, who is informed that she passed away by among his good friends.

Juliet is put in her burial place and Romeo, who never ever receives the letter to let him know what is taking place, the goes to the burial place grieving and decides to eliminate himself with a poison next to his love, Juliet. The climax of the play, which is the turning point that marks a change for even worse in Romeo and Juliet’s affairs, is reached when Romeo goes to the tomb of Juliet. Prior to he gets into the burial place he comes across Paris, whom he kills and drags into the burial place like Paris wants in his last words. When Romeo enters into the tomb he lies next to the love of his life, Juliet whom he thinks to be dead, and drinks the poison.

When Romeo commits suicide, the climax of the play truly begins. When Juliet awakens and discovers her love dead from toxin, she kisses him in wish to get a few of the toxin off of his lips in order to pass away to be with Romeo like he did for her. When this is not successful, Juliet takes Romeo’s dagger and stabs herself in order to pass away. These acts are the climax of the play, because it is indeed a modification for the even worse in the lead characters’ affairs. After the climax of Romeo and Juliet killing themselves, the falling action takes place.

Soon after Juliet stabs herself the 2 households are informed and discover themselves at the tomb discovering what had actually occurred. The households begin to unravel the disputes and realize what they and their feud have done. The resolution of the play, which is the occasion that deals with the main conflict of the story, then takes place when the families make a compromise and destroy their hatred between each other. Lastly the denouement or in this case catastrophe is the death of the 2 fans, Romeo and Juliet. Throughout the play there are lots of theatrical conventions that are utilized.

Theatrical conventions are strategies and practices used in theatre production that are understood by both the cast and the audience. The convention of costumes is one theatrical convention that is utilized. Throughout the play the characters gown in Renaissance period dress to positively portray the setting of the play, which takes place in around the fourteenth or fifteenth centuries in Verona, Italy. Another theatrical convention used is the convention of language. The play was written by William Shakespeare in the mid 1590s.

This was a very long time earlier, so the English language that the play is written in is very different than the modern English language. This typically has a negative result because it is frequently difficult for the average individual to understand today. In order to really represent the time period and setting though, the language positively impacts the play since that is the way people in fact talked during that time duration. The characters likewise do an excellent job by altering their tone and using poetry to help to favorably impact their convention of language.

Another theatrical convention used is the convention of staging and design. The phase for the play was very complex due to the many changes of areas where the play took place. The middle of the phase appeared in order to be used as many things such as a street and a ballroom. The stage likewise had a series of archways and a 2nd story towards the back of the stage. The archways helped to show that the back of the sage was a house and that there was an upstairs above it. The upstairs was Juliet’s space and had a balcony for the major veranda scene.

The outer walls of your home are ivy covered and used when Romeo climbs up to Juliet’s terrace. Finally, there are 2 large circular platforms with actions around them that assistance to separate various areas of the phase so that two things can be going on throughout the course of a scene, such as during the ball. This convention positively assists the audience to totally comprehend what is going on throughout the play and actually feel rather in the action during particular parts of the play. The relationship of the audience to the phase was also a theatrical convention utilized.

Although the time duration of the play can not be relatable with the audience members, many individuals in the audience can connect to dealing with problems that relate to love or the failure to do things that they desire like Romeo and Juliet, although they might not be as extreme as provided in the play. In the end, this relationship favorably affected the production by revealing the styles in a way that the audience can connect to. The last theatrical convention that I observed was the convention of styles. The main theme of this play that I observed was the affect that love can have on your life.

This style is extremely universal and can be relatable with the majority of all of the audience members. It goes to reveal the effective affect that enjoy can have on 2 individuals even when individuals closest to them are against their relationship. Overall, I believed the play was respectable. The objective of the play was to show how effective and powerful love can be and love’s struggles. The play did a great task at showing a severe description of the problems that can be related to love and what can happen when 2 individuals, who deal with the discrimination of the society that they live in, really like each other.

Although ultimately like brought Romeo and Juliet to death, in the end it leads to the feuding opponent families making peace. There were lots of elements of the play. The very first component, which might be the biggest part, was the forcefulness of love and how it can bring 2 individuals together from the minute that they lay eyes on each other. As soon as Romeo sees Juliet at the ball, he instantly falls in love with her which goes to show the powerfulness of love. Another part of the play was although love can be a great thing, it can likewise be a reason for violence.

Throughout the play the love of Romeo and Juliet does not just lead to their death but to the death of others, like Paris, Mercutio, and Tybalt who might have not have been eliminated if it was not for the love in between the 2. The last and last part is the inevitability of fate. From the beginning of the play when they fell for each other fate was pulling them apart. Numerous things seemed to draw them apart such as their households being opponents and Friar Lawrence’s well considered plan stopping working. As specific parts these concepts are somewhat efficient.

These elements could reveal part of what Shakespeare wanted to reveal as the theme of the play, however are more totally efficient when used together as a whole. As private parts the audience would not completely understand the positives and negatives that can be connected with love, which would alter a lot about the play. The elements of the play as a whole are a lot more reliable at getting the point of the play across because it goes to demonstrate how much of an impact love can have and the affects of true love. The experience overall was a rather important one.

It helped me to see that there is such thing as true love, but overall it was more of entertainment for me. The play revealed an extreme from a long time ago, which is just one factor it was not really relatable. It also was type of a destructive tragic play which in the end made me see love as perhaps not the best thing, although it represented the powerfulness of love. With all of this stated, despite the fact that love is depicted as having negative repercussions, I did see how strong love can be, which does not constantly cause unfavorable impacts.

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