Romeo and Juliet Haste

Romeo and Juliet Rush

Haste is displayed throughout the whole book as most of the characters remain in a hurry. If the characters had hung around thinking through their decisions and understand what could possibly happen as an outcome of their actions, many of the disasters in the play wouldn’t have actually taken place. By not making smart decisions Friar, Romeo and the Juliet, were not only acting impulsively, however also continued to play into fates hands. Romeo and Juliet’s reason for rush were family pressure, young energy, as well as desperation for love. Family pressure was a significant impact for marital relationship in the Capulet’s house as Juliet has no choice but to wed County Paris. Romeo and Juliet have been all affected by family pressure in lots of methods, Juliet has no say in who she wants to marry, however Romeo on the other hand has the capability to accept or reject people as his other half. If Juliet does not listen to her parents, she will be kicked out of the house, and either hung or left to starve in the streets. Juliet’s dad, Lord Capulet beats Juliet requiring her to marry Nation Paris a handsome and wealthy single.

Young Energy drives the numerous of actions in the story. Since of Romeo’s and Juliet’s young age, they will inevitably make risky decisions. Romeo and Juliet meet at the end of the Capulet’s party and Juliet proposes to Romeo, without understanding each other. Even understanding the effects that follow when weding a person from another family, Romeo and Juliet still go on a wed each other, even after understanding that Romeo and Juliet got wed, the nurse doesn’t attempt to inform Lord Capulet and Woman Capulet.? Romeo’s and Juliet’s desperation for love, has taken its toll on both the people and families also.

In the beginning of the story, Romeo was in search of love, he then found his love, Rosaline. With objectives to see Rosaline at the Capulet’s part, Romeo see’s Juliet, a much prettier females in the eyes of Romeo. Romeo then grabs Juliet’s hands and kisses her, without even knowing her name or which household she comes from. Romeo’s desperation for love has made him choose to take this action. That exact same night, Juliet proposes to Juliet, and the following day they get wed together, with Friar Lawrence as the priest.

Another example of desperation for love is when Romeo is gotten rid of from Verona, Romeo is on the flooring weeping about how he can not be with Juliet, and that his life is now worthless. Romeo does not have the mature sufficient mind to thank Prince Escalus for not hanging him. Romeo is more worried about Juliet than his own life.? Shakespeare’s larger message about how individuals should live there is that individuals must follow their heart. People should not do as they are informed unless they feel what he is being told them is right. Shakespeare desires his viewers and readers to comprehend why love exists and why

People should like. In his viewpoint people should enjoy because it is natural to everyone. He wants everyone to follow what they believe is right. Romeo and Juliet are clear examples of family pressure, young energy, and desperation for love. Juliet has no option over who she weds. Her parents decide who she weds, and when. Juliet proposes to Romeo within a couple hours of conference each other without knowing anything about each other. Romeo acts childish after finding about that he is ban from Verona, and that he can not be unified with Juliet.

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